Saturday, May 05, 2007

I love Saturday


This album

is very impressive. Everyone should go buy it...or you could wait until I finally write about it, as I definitely want to do some raving, but, given me, who knows when that will be. It's like someone looked at my music tastes and said "how can we make an album that will fill all of these, but creatively?"

This album

is also very good, although probably not quite as good as the previous album; I haven't really had time to listen to it thoroughly yet.

This album

is also excellent. I am toying with doing a feature over at A Kind Of Love In that ties in with it, but I'll wait and see before confirming anything.

This album

finally arrived yesterday, but I haven't worked up the nerve to open it yet--in its pristine plastic packaging and cardboard case, it looks so "ooo, I'm a collector's item!" that I haven't been able to bring myself to open it, as much as I'd like to hear it. (Actually, it's got a black outer cover, but I presume the above cover is on the actual album.)

These albums

are probably also good, but I only got them today, so I can't say.

I know this album

is great, but I only just bought it today. Umm...better late than never?

However, none of these albums have the song I'll be featuring a little later today; that's from another album I just got.

Yes, I pretty much have no money right now. It's worth it.


kevin (ru) said...

Glad that my recommendation about Espen's TIPM was heard! :) That "crazy harpsichord" moment in "Black Sunday" is simply amazing!

I included it in my blog as one of Top 20 Best Solos.

Paul said...

I am quite excited just by the title of Espen's album and that alone made me want to buy it. Hehe. Check out Florescent Adolescent on Arctic monkeys. It is sheer genius. I also got the William Tell album while in Florida and after one listen i really like it. a lot. plus the pics inside and especially on the back of the cd case are quite lovely in a rar sort of way. I Say I say i say is tied for first place fave Erasure album along with Erasure and Wild. And after buying Mika again (for the exlusive bonus tracks) i am planning to revisit the album on my blog soon. listen out for influences of JC Chasez, Aqua and even Betty Boo. All will be revealed. And check out the very take that/scissor sisters start of my fave Stuck In The Middle...

as Ross' mom once said on friends, thats a lot of information to take in in 30 seconds :P

Poster Girl said...

It was definitely heard! I loved This Is Pop Music so much that I instantly had to buy two of his other albums, even knowing they probably wouldn't be quite as good. "Black Sunday" is just amazing (probably my second favorite at the moment), as is pretty much the whole album. I think "Joni Mitchell On The Radio" may be my favorite at the moment--that orchestral beginning that transitions into that creeping catchy beat for the verse that then changes into that lush slowed-down chorus is so good. How had I never noticed you have a blog before? Even if it is in Russian ;) I've got to start looking at the "my web page" section of Blogger--I always forget it exists.

Ooo, Paul, you should buy it! You can listen to clips of it on the Norwegian iTunes. And that was a heck of a quality comment! :)

J'ason D'luv said...

Glad you got around to getting I Say I Say I Say... a true classic! "I Love Saturday" and "Miracle" are top notch...

Kevin said...
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Adem IAR said...

You'll have to tell me what you think of the Monkeys disc, am quite keen to hear your thoughts on it!

Poster Girl said...

Oh, they are! I really like the opening song, too. Great recommendation :)

I'm sure I will--it's a boy band--how could I not? ;) I'll let you know what I think as soon as I get the courage to open it up!

Adem, it's too early for me to issue any coherent judgement yet, but, in short, it's very good! I'll let you know when I've worked out what I think in more detail. It's almost enough to make me buy their first album.

Adem IAR said...

Do you know how much that makes me smile my dear PPG?

And the first album, yeah, I'm completely sold on it. Took me about 6 listens but now I absolutely love it.

Ahhhhh... Alex Turner... *swoons*