Friday, May 04, 2007

You change your mind like you change your sheets

I'm feeling very ready for summer at the moment and, for some reason, the following song makes me think of summer. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure why: the movie its from is set in a very warm location. During spring, not summer, but the weather is still pretty summery. And yes, I have actually seen it. It's bad. But in a good way--funny, definitely, featuring one of the most evil characters to ever appear on the silver screen (even if only for the incredibly short time the movie was actually in theaters) and with those random "break out the beach balls and towels--it's time for a dance routine!" moments that you just have to laugh at. And it was totally worth having seen just so I could enjoy this review of it (found via ModFab) all the more--even if you haven't seen it, it's worth reading.

Yup, this movie.

Madness--featuring Kelly Clarkson of her friends from the movie. Not the evil one. It's one of those "ooo, the girls are bringing the attitude now!" songs. Don't expect anything near "Since U Been Gone," in either quality or attitude--this is just light summer fun. With its nonsense backing syllables and beat clearly designed for a choreographed dance routine, though, I have somewhat of a soft spot for it. Radio hit? No. On the iPod at the beach? Definitely a possibility.

Credit to KCE Express Media for the song.

If I remember correctly, the soundtrack for this movie was never actually released, so there's no where you can buy it (please correct me if I'm wrong); however, you can buy the DVD, featuring classy songs like this, Kelly's cover of the GoGo's "Vacation," and "Timeless," which also appeared on Justin Guarini's debut album here.

Next up: maybe something Danish.


Trash Addict said...

I love "From Justin To Kelly"! It's hilarious. I can't believe it's top 10 on IMDb's 100 worst films of all time. I love the dancing and the general trashiness. It's great stuff!

J'ason D'luv said...

A co-worker once convinced me to borrow this trash from him. I took it home, popped it in and popped it back out within 15 minutes. Just couldn't do it...

Kevin said...

Yes, a soundtrack was planned for release, but it was shelved at the last minute.

If I remember correctly, the label just didn't want to inundate the market with Idol's albums. Both Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini were ready to release their debuts.

While this movie is not great and it's unintentionally laughable, there are tons of movies that are worse! Flopmita Jackson's "Poetic Justice" anyone? What the fuck was that???? I think it's the only movie I have ever walked out of. VILE!

Paul said...

i couldn't bring myselfto watch this because I feared that I would love it and be the only one... haha. Maybe enough time has passed that it will be bad/good now and achieve cult status. Or maybe not...

Poster Girl said...

Trash Addict, I agree! It's uber-trashy and yet (or because of that) so funny and watchable.

J'ason, it's not a must-see, but it really helps to be in the right environment the first time you watch it. But it's not for everyone :) Or even post people, probably...

Even cancelling this album couldn't help Justin then, I guess. I don't think I've even heard of Poetica Justice before!

Probably never cult status, unless Pop Trash Addict and I are enough people to count as a "cult," Paul! ;) Ha ha ha at your reason for not watching it!

Kevin said...

"Poetic Justice" is mainly remember for things NOT related to the actual movie. A big deal was made out of this movie at the time of release:

1. This was Janet's film debut.
2. This was 2Pac's first romantic lead role.
3. Janet wrote "Again" for the movie, ultimately receiving an Academy Award nomination (it lost).
4. Either Janet or the movie producers requested 2Pac take an AIDS test, he refused.

This movie is just bad bad bad. Janet's name in the movie? "Justice". And... wait for it... she writes poems! (Maya Angelou's, actually).

One last useless bit of info: The guy that appears on the "Again" video is the black guy on "C.S.I.".


MaryCherry said...

I personally love it.

I don't see why it was widely-hated. It's certainly no worse than Grease and I actually think the songs are better.

I almost wet myself when I got the full soundtrack. The Bounce si a great song.

Poster Girl said...

I love "The Bounce"! Probably my favorite song on the soundtrack.