Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Play it to the world

While I was busy getting excited over Måns's debut album, I was neglecting another former Idol competitor, Danny Saucedo! I posted his great debut single "Tokyo" back in February; he's got a new single, "Play It For The Girls," out and, though I haven't heard the full version yet and it doesn't sound quite as fabulous as "Tokyo," I think I may very well still love it...and could end up loving it even more than "Tokyo," though I expect some people may be disappointed. You can listen to the beginning of it at his MySpace, but I think it's better than that shows (try listening to the preview clip at the Swedish iTunes). Plus, his debut album Heart. Beats. is coming out a week after Måns's (May 30)! Based on the first two singles and the fact that he's working with--and, as I think this is saying or implying, is the new vehicle for--September producer Jonas von der Burg, it should be great boy-fronted dance-pop.

Just look at this cover:

If that doesn't scream glitzy (maybe ridiculous) dance-pop with no regard for credibility--the best sort--I don't know what does.

Edit: Speaking of Måns Zelmerlöw, his next single will be "Work Of Art." Granted, I haven't heard the full version yet, but I have to say that I am completely baffled by that choice, as it sounds like his album has multiple songs that are much better than that one.


Paul said...

i'm sold on that cover alone! haha. If i were a popstar that would certainly be my choice of album cover. Plus! I am seriously thinking of starting my own "singles releases advisory board" for popstars like Mans et al who struggle with decent choices!

Poster Girl said...

I'm horrible at judging singles--I never choose the same ones as record companies, and when I do they usually flop :-/ You'd probably be better at it!