Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tell me, can you feel it too?

Faceless dance-pop! Well, not quite, but I don't know that much about today's singer at all, except for the fact that Cam Tyler is Swedish. The following song is already out on promo and at least one compilation album and, assuming this information isn't out of date, it'll be released as a single in the U.S. in mid-2007.

Feels Like Heaven--a cover of a Uniting Nations song. It sort of reminds me of Velvet's "Fix Me," though maybe that's because both choruses have that swooshy feeling; it doesn't have quite the strength or personality of that song, though--or maybe Velvet's song just seems to have more personality because I know more about her. The remix-like effects of the Uniting Nations version (like the quick repeated use of a syllable from a longer word) are gone and the energy is taken up further.

As I said, I don't think the single for Cam Tyler's "Feels Like Heaven" is out yet, but you can get it by buying the compilation album Best Of Trance, Vol. 6 here (physical).

Next up: no, this wasn't the singer guesting on that Moenia song--maybe that will be tomorrow. Or a boy band.


PinkieDust said...

Ok, thats hardcore. I gotta take you to Ibeefah, PPG! We can share liquids and see the sunset at Cafe Del Mar while popping pills we "borrowed" from two dodgy boys we snogged in Manumission...........

J'ason D'luv said...

This version ain't bad, though I really, really like the Uniting Nations one. That UN album is so underrated!

Paul said...

i bruised my shoulder (don't ask) while downloading this record so now it has negative connatations for me :( Still it's from Sweden so it can't be all bad. PS - i went to ibiza once. Worst. Holiday. Ever.

Alexander said...

It is fabulous.
The single is out June 7th (in Sweden.)

01: Feels Like Heaven (Radio)
02: Feels Like Heaven (Extended)
03: Feels Like Heaven (Silverroom Remix)
04: Feels Like Heaven (Candlelight Version)

Poster Girl said...

Pinkie, that sounds brill--we need to go! Sigh...

J'ason, "You and Me" is one of my favorite songs ever, maybe my favorite song ever--I can't believe I've never bought the whole album! I should really do that.

Paul, you bruised your should downloading a song? That's got to be at least a half-interesting story. Poor you about Ibiza, though!

I love it. It's sort of been on constant repeat here...and it's good to know about the single--I think I'll have to get it. Thanks!

J'ason D'luv said...

It's on iTunes, btw. Also, I downloaded Enrique's new single from iTunes, thanks to you ;)

Poster Girl said...

I hope you like it! :) I'm really interested to hear the album. And I just bought the Uniting Nations album from iTunes--thanks! It's really good so far--I don't think I've hit a bad song yet.