Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kom hier na my toe

I know I've mentioned David Fourie on here before; Popsound introduced me to his cover of Fame's "Vindarna Vänder Oss" before I even realized I was listening to a cover. In short, he's a South African singer who competed in the first season of Idols (the season eventually won by Heinz Winckler). He generally sings in Afrikaans, though there are some exceptions, including his cover of Alexander Klaws's "Stay With Me." A lot of his songs tend to be covers--including today's song, which I've been mildly obsessing over for the past month or so and is a cover or reworking of Baltimora's great '80's song "Tarzan Boy" (I think the title very roughly translates into something along the lines of "Come here towards me")--but for some reason, I don't really mind, though I'm not sure why; maybe because he does them well or because they somehow seem less opportunistic to me, more a form of honoring, if anything, though that's probably all in my head. It's completely illogical, given how upset I was about the whole Busted/Jonas Brothers thing, but it's true.

Kom hier na my toe (Die Tarzan liedjie)--don't ask me why this sounds so perfect in Afrikaans--I couldn't tell you, but the sound of the words is just perfect. And don't ask me why the song seems so practically anthemic in this version--I don't think I could tell you that, either, but I do know that this song just has the incredible feeling of building towards something that practically makes me want to explode. I can't resist this song, and I don't know why, but when all you want to do is clasp your hands to the side of your headphones and push them closer against your head so no scrap of music is lost, maybe while swaying and singing along with the Tarzan cry, the song has got to be doing something right.

To buy David Fourie's second album, Kom hier na my toe, go here (physical) or here (digital).

Don't forget that Eurovision semifinals are tomorrow! 2 3 PM EST, I think, and you can stream it at, I think.

Next up: maybe Espen Lind. Or something danceable and girl-poppy.


Adem IAR said...

They're not showing the semi-finals till Saturday evening here in Australia, with the actual finals being shown on the Sunday.

Which means I have to stay away from the internet all bloody weekend so as not to spoil anything. Fuck.

Paul said...

you can visit my site Adem, i have no interest in eurovision, though will probably mention it on Monday justto scoff when The Ark kick scooch's ass...

and the music? It IS very anthemic, i like it a lot. I feel like it should be used in some season finale, just before TO BE CONTINUED hits the screen..

Poster Girl said...

Oh no! Adem, that's awful. I may have to do something similar in July and August when the next Harry Potter book comes out, though, because it'll take my family months to get through it.

Paul, you should score TV shows. Only after you open your own record label, though! ;)