Thursday, May 10, 2007

I just can't let go

I know I've written about Canadian duo Wave once before, but I really enjoy both of their albums. Full of adorable and light guitar pop, they're very much worth picking up if you ever have the chance; ideally, there would be a greatest hits that combines the two, but they do both have a good number of good songs on them. Wave is made up of singer Paul Gigliotti and guitar player Dave Thomson. Their best-known song is probably "California," which perfectly fits its title and manages to capture a certain feeling--summer, probably the end of summer, most likely after high school graduation, mixed up exhilaration and nostalgia and hope and sadness, trying to convince yourself that things really are going to turn out OK in your search for that big break even while you have this creeping feeling that they might not--effortlessly. Many of their songs are more uptempo than "California" (which is probably mid-tempo) and the following song, even if their albums might not quite have the proper uptempo/downtempo ratio for my taste.

Don't Say Sarah--one of their singles, and I suppose a ballad. It's a super-cute one, though. Paul's voice as well as the music they make somehow seem very teenager (or pre-teen, maybe more accurately) friendly and the cuteness overload of this song might turn off some older listeners, but it really is a very well-done song. The sweet chorus melody is backed up by lovely strings (or electronically created strings) and what I guess is the middle 8 has some playing around with the chorus that I like, simple as it is.

To buy Wave's debut album, Nothing As It Seems, go here (physical) or here (digital; only valid for U.S. residents, though an equivalent site for Canadians exists); to buy their second album, State Of Mind, go here (physical) or here (digital; only valid for U.S. residents, though an equivalent site for Canadians exists) or here (digital; I think non-US residents can purchase it). However, the Amazon link for State Of Mind (the better album) will take you to the album page, but the album isn't in stock, so keep an eye on eBay, too, if you don't want to buy it digitally. Alternatively, if you live in the U.S., you can buy them from iTunes. Despite me having posted four songs the first time around and another song this time, there are still a lot more songs worth hearing--"That's How It Feels," for example--so if you've liked most of those five, buying the albums is worth it. In fact... (and let me know if this horribly messes up formatting or doesn't work for people)

That's a snippet from the video for it (wait for the chorus). I love the song. They should be more famous. And someone needs to upload the whole video.

Next up: maybe discussing Eurovision or a Mexican duo.


Paul said...

just to let you know Dazpants is mad at you :P My credit card bill arrived and it is full of import cd charges :) Then i reminded him that he has bought six new PSP games and it was all ok and we sat down to watch the cute Wave video before ordering their cd online too...

Poster Girl said...

Oh no! ;) P.S. If you ever might be interested in...stuff, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Hey PG! Found your blog recently ... anyone who does posts about the Moffatts and Nick Carter a few days apart is okay in my book! ;-) Oh wow ... I just saw you did a nod to my bog last month!?! (Okay, that shows how often I check yours out ... shame on me, I know.) Thanks bunches! I am gonna have to be careful reading yours, though, or I'm gonna go into serious debt! Then again, I am making a list of things to search for during my impending visit to the Ontario Mills Virgin Megastore ... everybody say a little prayer for my wallet. ;-) Take care!

Joel said...

Hey there,

I've been looking all over for Wave music videos! This clip definitely fills a void for me; these guys are great! How did you find this clip? Any idea where I might be able to buy their videos at full-length?