Thursday, May 10, 2007

Today is another bad day

Oh my gosh...

Europe hates me.

Or at least my music taste.

Tomorrow will be the full run-down, with a typed-up version of my effectively "live blogged" scribbled notes. You all can see how I fell in love and had my heart broken in the space of three hours.

For now, though, let's leave it at this:

After watching the performances, I had about 7 "real" favorites and 8 "half" favorites. 15 out of the 28 in the semifinal.

1 of those real favorites made it through. 3 of the half favorites did.

That means about 27% of my sort-of-favorites made it through.

28% of the songs in the semifinal (10 of them) made it to the final.

If I'd chosen songs at random, odds are they would have done better than my favorites.

That's like scoring below 25% on a multiple choice test when you only have four choices for each question.

Sigh. Expect everything I like to fail miserably on Saturday, then.


J'ason D'luv said...

No, no, no!! Go SCOOCH!

Kevin said...

Damn! What the hell was that?

There was only one song I liked, Holland's entry, which was a total rip-off of Reina's "No One's Gonna Change You"... or am I alone on that one?

Israel takes the prize for worst song! Out of all 28 semi-finalists AND 14 finalists. What the fuck was that? I'd rather listen to a full hour of LT United's "We Are The Winners". Oy vey!

OK, so everyody's (?) favorite entry (DJ Bobo) didn't make it, so I guess that makes Sweden the one to beat? A shame really, since Ola Salo is the biggest c**t!

Oh, and was it me or was Bulgaria's entry, "Water", a total rip-off of anything by Safri Duo? Things that make you go... hmmm...

kevin (ru) said...

I had the same "complete disaster" feeling... Not just watching strange results but losing real money on wrong bets (Switzerland, Denmark...) It simply sucks.

Robpop said...

*Has been pouting in the corner since *

Poster Girl said...

J'ason, I hope they do well :) People are talking about how all Eastern European countries made it through, attributing that to bloc voting or voting for your own taste which tends to be similar to your neighbors--either way, if that is truly happening, I'm not sure whether that will help them--fewer Western European countries in the running now, so less vote splitting--or continue to hurt them.

I think I like the Netherlands, though I missed the performance due to my Internet connection deciding to take a break midway through the contest.

Argh...that can't be fun. And some polls (maybe a while ago) even predicted Switzerland to win! Sigh.

Robpop, me too, pretty much! I hope you're feeling better-ish.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh i loved Edsilia (the netherlands), she was amazing..i still dont understand it Europe :-( GO EDSILIA!!!