Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lock and load, raise that pressure

I keep meaning to buy a Bomfunk MC's album, as I've yet to hear a song by them I don't like, but as of right now, I mainly know them through compilation albums. They're Finnish and yes, their songs have some raps in them, but they also tend to have a very pop sensibility--one song of theirs, for example, features Jessica Folcker and includes a bit of music from a former ABBA member. The following song has featured vocals from a singer named Anna Nordell, who is Swedish. She's going by the name Anorah now and has her own music; I can't listen to it until I get my own computer back, in all likelihood, but her MySpace is here.

Turn It Up--sure, you still get those rap breaks here, but they're in the midst of electro and poppy music...and really, when combined with catchiness and melody like that, rap (for me) is a lot more appealing. One of the guys from the Bomfunk MC's does the rap, leaving the hook to Anna, and it's a hook that wouldn't be out of place in, say, a dance-pop song--which really, this song isn't that far from. Those sparkly effects after the chorus ends may be cuter than the deeper electronic thrumming that underlies the raps, but both are danceable.

To buy the Bomfunk MC's third album, Reverse Psychology, go here (physical).
Next up: possibly Espen Lind.


Paul said...

i have never heard of this group but i do like the name Anora. I may use it if i ever adopt. Anorah Veronica Mars Buffy Vampire Slayer Zapping. And yes I will now be investigating the Bomfunk MC. I bid you good day :P

kevin (ru) said...

I know Anna Nordell because of this great bilingual song:

where Anna sings in Swedish, while Johnny in Danish.

Anonymous said...

Me likey!

Poster Girl said...

I love it! Great name :) I was watching TV today and the actor from My Name Is Earl was on; apparently he named his son Pilot Inspector (his last name is Lee, I think...maybe). Can you imagine? At least yours includes real names, not random nouns.

Ooo, what a neat idea! And I like the song! I've heard a few songs by Johnny Deluxe, but not that one.

I'm glad you like it, SlippyDisco :)