Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The wind has repossessed your voice

Jumping past Selma's 1999 Eurovision 2nd place, covered in the first post, we're up to her debut album, called I Am or Selma depending on (I think) where it was released. The album was fairly diverse, and I definitely wouldn't call it a teen-pop album. It still has a good deal of lighter tracks, but it got darker and harder (comparatively so) for some of the songs, especially--as mentioned before--the songs that she'd done previously for a soundtrack. Other songs took the slight dance-influence in a different direction, more developed and less happy-go-lucky sounding. The song I'll be posting, though, doesn't fall into either of those two categories--it's more on the happy and danceable side.

Hitgirl--the follow-up single to "All Out Of Luck," I think. "Hitgirl" is faster and maybe a little more dance-influenced than "All Out Of Luck," though still not a dance track. It also feels older than "All Out Of Luck" to me--not that it's a particularly old-sounding song, but rather that "All Out Of Luck" (which I love) feels very young. Nice strings and nonsense backing syllables add to the song's appeal.

You can buy Selma's debut album (I Am or Selma) here (physical) for far too high a price or here (digital) where you'll have to deal with really strict DRM.

Next up: her second album, and we'll officially be past the half-way point of this special.

Footnote for this whole series: all of this information is pieced together from what I've read online--I wasn't even listening to music when Selma released her last single, let alone paying attention to Icelandic music--so please let me know if any of it is wrong.

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