Tuesday, April 03, 2007

There you were, and the floor was empty

An update on Go:Audio (who, along with the Click Five, seem to have undergone quite the restyling, though not in the same direction): you may remember them from how excited I was about their song "Made Up Stories"? Well, it's still brilliant and the band has been taking new songs on and off their MySpace. To be honest, nothing has reached the giddy highs of "Made Up Stories," so I'm hoping the songs they're letting us listen to aren't definitely on the album, but more works in progress. Don't get me wrong--they're not bad, and I generally like them, but if they want to have a smash debut album, they need more than a killer single. On the plus side, I've now heard seven separate songs by them under the name Go:Audio and eight by them under the name the Vacancy, so even if they never get around to putting out an album (and hopefully that doesn't happen), we've already heard more than an album's worth of material. On the downside, though what's probably their best song, the aforementioned "Made Up Stories," was made under the Go:Audio name, I'd say they had proportionately more hits than misses as the Vacancy than as Go:Audio. Still, I'm excited and hopeful!

(Incidentally, this picture is back from the days of The Vacancy--given the redesigns on their MySpace, I imagine they'll be "redesigned," too.)


Paul said...

i need to check out Go:Audio more i feel. I kinda just let them pass me by in a daze but now my interest is piqued and I want to know more more more. I remember The Vacancy giving Handheld to PJ or is that a complete dream of mine???

Poster Girl said...

Nope, you're right! That's where I first heard them. There's a good chance you'd like "Made Up Stories"--that's easily their key song.