Wednesday, April 04, 2007

This was always meant to happen

After her very successful debut album, released in 1999, Selma hardly missed a beat before releasing her second album, Life Won't Wait, in 2000. She followed that up with another album in 2002, but we're glossing over that particular work as it involved her teaming up with someone to record a bunch of songs from musicals and movies. Skipping back to Life Won't Wait, the album doesn't really have any of the darker songs that you found occasionally on her debut album; pretty much all of it was happy, though I'd say--with one exception--it was less dance-influenced than her debut album. Of course, the one song I'm posting is the exception to that.

Let's Stay Up--the song starts out with a multi-tracked vocal and a capella, but that changes pretty quickly as it switches into danceable pop. Just as "Hitgirl" felt older than "All Out Of Luck" to me, "Let's Stay Up" feels older than "Hitgirl." There's not too much I can say about it, but it's no less fun or enjoyable because of that.

And, you know what, why not one more song, too...

Pass It On--this song is never going to win points for sophistication, but with its slightly retro and constantly bouncey feel, it's nevertheless a great song of the feel-good variety.

To buy Selma's second album, Life Won't Wait, go here (digital) or keep an eye on eBay.

Next up: Selma's return to Eurovision, and the last part of the series.

Footnote for this whole series: all of this information is pieced together from what I've read online--I wasn't even listening to music when Selma released her last single, let alone paying attention to Icelandic music--so please let me know if any of it is wrong.

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