Monday, April 02, 2007

Puts up resistance and builds defenses

Hmm...well, someone's trying to change their image, aren't they?

Picture from, who've also brought us the following nixed picture:

I feel like I've stepped into a time machine. They literally couldn't be trying harder to get away from their previous image, could they?


Paul said...

oh five five five five five. Just as Eric Dill (RAR) leaves you to go solo and do his own style of music, you go and come out with a style of music and image that is nigh on identical to the style and image he is going for. I can't help but think they did it on purpose, in a "that'll show him" sort of way... still i do like the song.... I sadly doubt the album will have any pop princesses on it though :(

Poster Girl said...

I could be right! I do really like "Jenny," too, although I fear you're right--no "Pop Princesses" :(

Adem IAR said...

Brandon fucking Flowers has A LOT to answer for.

Poster Girl said...

This whole trend...if any of them or Eric grows a mustache, I'm done.