Monday, April 02, 2007

So hard for me to understand what went wrong

Random news and thoughts that I either forgot to mention in the previous post or didn't find out about until afterwords:

Everyone should go download "La Vita E" by Italian singer Nek from You Call That Life--Pinkie posted it, and it's danceable, and I LOVE it.

Måns Zelmerlöw returned to the show he won, Let's Dance, to perform "Cara Mia." Though I didn't really like the arrangement of the song, it's worth watching the first eleven seconds just for that opening profile shot; I love the lighting when they move to the close-up (and I love that he still does the little hand-pop think at the beginning). Also, if I'm correctly understanding an interview he gave, his dream role would be Ewan McGregor's part in Moulin Rouge. Can you imagine how much I would freak out (sorry, I know that sounds young) if that happened? Further on the Måns front, you can watch a rather sweet interview with him (in English!) from before the Melodifestivalen final below.

I wrote about Jónsi's song "Segðu mér" earlier, saying how much I liked it and would've liked it to be Iceland's Eurovision entry. However, as time passes, it's steadily climbing further and further up my imaginary list of favorite songs of the year; I've gone from (when I first heard it) being mostly ambivalent with a slightly favorable opinion to being absolutely floored every time it comes on. It's powerful, stunning, and dramatic in all the right ways, adding up to an incredibly...solid song, both in quality and feel. It may just be that I've overplayed them, but seeing it knock the Swedish songs currently dominating my "Eurovision National Finals" chart down a peg is not inconceivable. The performance is still just as great as it ever was, too, complete with the perfect strength and the perfect gestures--it's cliche, yes, but the best way to describe it is that Jonsi completely and totally sells the song; I don't mean that in the sense of someone making a bad song choice and then making it work, but rather that this is a great song to which one must totally commit if its quality is going to shine through. The costuming is pretty interesting, too--a little dark.

I know I may be the only person enjoying this song so much ("enjoying" just somehow doesn't seem like the appropriate word--too flippant), but the version of it I had sounded somewhat subpar in audio quality to me, so I had to get the better version.

Jónsi - Segðu mér

To buy the album of Finland's national finals songs, Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2007, go here (digital), but, as usual, there's a lot of DRM.


Robpop said...

I can't stop the playing the damn Nek tracks!

Robpop said...

Oh and I love your music links! I know its an odd thing to love and even talk about. But its so clear and distinct. I notice (and love) these sort of things. Its all in the details.

PS. Another to add for Spain is elcorteingles. I only suggest it cos I've had issues with (not tho). Also ElCorteIngles is a lot quicker AND cheaper to boot.

Poster Girl said...

I know! They're so great (the songs)! And thanks :) I'll definitely add them to the list--I haven't bought too many actual physical copies of Spanish CD's, so I don't have too much experience with the companies shipping from there.

Kevin said...

*sigh* Måns... could he BE any dreamier?

And, compared to other Swedes, his English accent is very very very soft! Odd!

Goggle said...

You're not the only one. I like the Jonsi song way too much too.

Poster Girl said...

"Dreamy" is quite possibly the perfect word...

Oh, good! I was worried--I hadn't really heard anyone else say much about it.