Monday, April 23, 2007

But the vision of your face will haunt me every day

I'm still not over the loss of my favorite digital music store, even more so because they're literally the only place I know selling one of my favorite songs of the moment, a song I'd love to have in high quality but instead am having to make do with a low quality version. Frustrating. I'll stop complaining eventually, though, I promise. (I feel slightly hypocritical--I mean, if I had purchased the high quality version, wouldn't I be posting it here and therefore defeating the purpose of people being able to purchase it? But I buy far more than I post, and this song has made me wonder why on Earth I only bought some of this artist's songs in the past--if I could, I'd easily go back and complete his previous albums.)

As for the song itself, people may remember the Jon vs. Musikk remix of Jon's song "Every Girl I've Ever Wanted," one of my favorite "songs of summer" in 2006; I posted it back in July, I think. However, credit really must go to Don't Stop The Pop for featuring Jon back in its Danish special--I've been hooked ever since then. I was messing around the other day when I noticed what seems to be a documentary about Jon and his rise to fame has been recently released (or will be soon--I need to learn Danish--it seems to be getting really good reviews, though)...and poor Jon--it doesn't look very happy. Even the promotional image for this single (Jon's in the middle) doesn't have him looking very happy! Which sort of fits with the song, I suppose, and with the billing (via the documentary) of him as "Denmark's most controversial man" (at least, I think that's what it says; it could be talking about the director for all I can tell). Anyhow, Jon was on the show Popstars and is now on his second album, which he's been releasing songs off of for quite some time; in fact, even the current single is from it, though I think the emphasis may be going to a new remix of it--which is the song I'm posting. The remix, as mentioned, reunites Jon with the two guys of dance and remix group Musikk.

Falling--as mentioned, the audio quality here is subpar, and I apologize for that. The original version of this song is a simple ballad, which you'd probably be able to guess from the remix. While the Jon vs Musikk version of "Every Girl I've Ever Wanted" took the original and made it even more upbeat and very beach-worthy, their reworking of "Falling" keeps the emotion of the original; in fact, I'd say it plays up the emotion even more, making it even sadder despite placing it over more danceable beats. While the original is more down-tempo, it takes the subject of the song--best summed up through "I only want you to be falling for me as I'm falling for you"--almost as a fact, or maybe...hmm...I guess the original is like something in movies, where the boy serenades the girl and you just know they're going to end up together, even though the song itself isn't necessarily brimming with confidence; there's a quiet strength to it. In contrast, though this remix has peaks with more hope, the very fact that there has to be hope means that it's no sure thing that the subject will fall for him. The vocals have either been slowed down or just seem slower when juxtaposed with the faster beats underneath them, but either way the sense of longing is emphasized. For all this rambling, though, it's a very simple song, which makes its appeal all that much stronger.

As I've said, I know of no place you can buy this song, either as a real physical single or digital version, but if someone knows where you can, please let me know.

Next up: possibly something Swedish.

(Edit: ooo! IMDb, which of course could be completely wrong, says that the documentary, Solo, is going to be released in Australia this September--if that's true, then there must be going to be an English version, right? If so--or even if I know there's a version with English subtitles--I'm going to track it down, if it comes out on DVD--the film looks really interesting, even if you don't know or care about Jon in particular. Given my interest in contestants off of reality TV singing shows, I think it'd be an especially good watch.)


kevin (ru) said...

I like Jon! Being a huge Aqua fan, I couldn't miss his debut album, almost completely produced by Aqua-Soren. His "Right here next to you" is one of my favorites. Did you hear it?

Poster Girl said...

I do--and love it! Completely unrelated, but my copies of Fredrik Kempe's two albums finally arrived yesterday, after somehow being accidentally shipped to the UK first, and I love them! How is he not a blog and pop fan staple?