Sunday, April 22, 2007

Remember the way you told me someday, sometime

Janne Saar, or just Janne, is an Estonian singer who used to be part of the girl group Nexus. In 2006, the group split up and she went solo, releasing what I think is her debut single, "Millist armastust," a pleasant enough mid-tempo, kind of ballad song that, as you'd probably guess from the title, was in Estonian. She must've become tired with that direction, though, because what I think is her second single sounds nothing like what I think is her first. Then again, the songs of hers I've heard are somewhat schizophrenic. Her MySpace is sort of hilarious--it features blogs with declarations like "YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...your gift!" and "I have my own music style - SpaceBeat. It consists of space & beat:)" [sic], liberal use of exclamation marks, a good dash of glitter, photos with captions like the one of her half-clothed on a beach lounging on a boat that's labeled "Can I take ur boat?", and a misspelling of "Señorita" that makes me wonder if she's been working with whoever wrote Sofia Zida's "Disco Mamazida." She seems sweet, though.

Shiny Lights--to begin with, this song is in English. Less superficially, though, it's in a very different style than "Millist armastust," being more on the dance-pop side. It can seem a little cheap at times and it's definitely repetitive, but it's catchy and fun. The rarely-occurring male voice in the background is a nice touch, too. Basically, if the idea of a blonde girl with giant popstar sunglasses standing amongst a bunch of shiny disco-esque lights repeatedly singing "ooo shiny lights yeah" over a dance backing sounds appealing to you, you'll probably like this song.

Remember--this is pretty much ripping off Kylie Minogue's "Love At First Sight," right? Well, at least she's chosen a brilliant song to rip off. Of course it's not as good, but it is still pretty enjoyable. The chorus, sparse as the main vocal melody is--and I sometimes think it would've been better to give us something more fully-developed there, with a real hook--feels a little overcrowded at moments, as if they should've just taken out one of the elements (there's a specific beat that it could do without). That's being picky, though.

"Remember" isn't out yet, but presumably it will be on her debut album, due out sometime this year; you can, however, purchase Janne's single "Shiny Lights" here (physical).

I've been meaning to mention this for the past few days, but I have an awful memory: Digital Technique is back! It has a new location--The Digital Technique--and it's as great (or better) as it always was. I very much like the Tiesto and Christian Burns (formerly of BBMak) song.

Next up: maybe something Swedish.


Robpop said...

The BwO gig is still running through my veins. They were so close. I smell the armpits of the singer. It was surreal then and now i can actually spot myself on youtube adds to the surrealness. I've posted a YCTL on bwO today as a tribute to the entire experience...

As for Jesse/Joy I was gonna post the same track Espacio Sideral so its ok. The girlband legends thing needed to be done. And you can never have enough Lebanese girlbands on the blogspace.

Ok, back to subject.

Darling, this girl is amazing!
Remember is brilliant. This and Petros will go down as my summer jams of 2007.

J'ason D'luv said...

Okay, this sentence could be the best unintentionally-ironic line I've read in years:

She seems sweet, though.

That's some gold right there....

Poster Girl said...

Re: Lebanese girlbands--this is true! And I'm so glad you like "Remember"--I think it's better than "Shiny Lights," but I can kind of see why they're "leading" with the latter. I wouldn't count on an album full of great songs, though, as these are by far the best things I've heard from her.

J'ason, so unintentional that I still don't get it :-/ Or maybe I do...ish.