Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Love is something you and me could never handle

Given my schedule for tomorrow, I thought I might as well slip this in tonight--hopefully, it'll be enough to cleanse your minds of certain posts. It's also a song I'm very excited to share.

Danish group Catch was made up of three people, two girls--one of them being the singer, Tine Bjerggaard (also the singer for Sunzet)--and one guy. I'm not sure how much success they had outside of Denmark (though if they did well anywhere, it would've been on the club charts), but today's song was the 18th biggest song of 2002 in Denmark. Follow-up song "Keep On (Singing La La)" wasn't nearly as successful, though it did reach #87 on the year-end charts. If we can believe Last.fm, the group recorded an album, but it was never released, which is a huge shame--I definitely would have bought it.

Walk On Water (Baby You Can)--Europop, dance-pop, just pop, whatever--this is an excellent song. It starts out boppy and happy, builds up to the chorus--but just when you expect it to kick into high gear, most of the beat drops out, leaving only the singer and one simple backing that makes me think of steel drums and xylophones and summers at the beach. Then the beat starts to build back up again, as if it wants to make up for depriving us of a power chorus (but really, we didn't mind) and we get a nice long section for dancing. Another verse, and the song's just as full of sunshine as ever as it goes into the chorus again. Just watch the video, really--though it's nothing particularly artistic, it's one of my favorite song and video combinations ever. Everything, from the styling to the colors to the dancing to the gestures and movements of Catch, is perfect and perfectly captures the song's essence while also enhancing it. This is what I want my summer to be like--or rather, this is what I want my summer to feel like.

To buy Catch's single "Walk On Water (Baby U Can)" (incidentally, my copy of the single is labeled "Walk On Water (Baby You Can)," but the cover on Amazon uses "U"), go here (physical).

Next up: hopefully a song from France, but possibly one from Australia.


Paul said...

what a spunky little number this is... i likes it a lot. How i did not know about this is just another example of my lack of europop knowledge :(

Poster Girl said...

There's a lot of Europop out there--Will's list has introduced me to so many new songs and artists! It's just constant discoveries :)

popplastic said...

Wow what a great little track. Reminds me a bit of Safri Duo and The Bongo Song for some reason. Were they not Danish as well?

Hey PG! How do you go about using zshare? I can't work it out.

Poster Girl said...

Yup! Where are all the great Danish dance/Europop groups of today? ;) I really like the song--I'm glad you do, too!

As for how to use it--do you mean to upload songs for other people or download them for yourself? For downloading, Jessica Poptastic has a great tutorial here, but if you've got any questions, go ahead and ask :)