Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Not what we asked for

Please tell me this is a lie...

(Taken from McFly's official MySpace)

Can anyone tell me why, fresh off making what is clearly the best album of their entire career, they would resort to releasing a cover of a Jellyfish song as a new single (according to unconfirmed rumor, as the lead single for a new album)? Now, I know they released "Don't Stop Me Now" as a single, but that was a double A side with "Please, Please," and really, the emphasis was on "Please, Please." When you can create brilliant songs like those on Motion In The Ocean, why on Earth would you cover another song and release it as a single? To be fair, the song--if it is in fact the Jellyfish song (as it's been reported to be)--sounds like it would fit them and they could improve it (although it would be a better fit if they'd covered it during their first album era), but I just don't understand it at all; it's a step back both artistically and stylistically. Secondly, what happened to releasing "Transylvania" as a single? Though I had my reservations about it as a single, since it had already been a B-side to "Star Girl," it is one of the album's best songs, so I could understand; however, what's the point of even releasing it if it's going to be (based on the ordering and formatting of that banner) the lesser of a double-A side or a B-side again?

As much as I love McFly and would love new music from them all the time, I'm worried this means they're being pressured to put out too much too fast. I'm sure I'll probably enjoy the song reworked by them, but this doesn't seem...necessary, let alone smart. Just take your time, boys--much as I'd love it, we don't need an album every year, especially if this is what you have to do to make one.


Paul said...

oh my stars and garters. i don't know what to say other than oh my stars and garters. it is far too early for new mcfly music. a bside maybe. But hiding transylvania away shows a lack of commitment on the record company's part if you ask me. which you didn't really but i am bit of a buttinski. Anyway, i shall ignore the track and treat it as a b-side and revel in the glory that is TSL

Adem IAR said...

Oh for fucks sake. There is nothing else to say. This is really, really disappointing. McFly chickening out of the bold move to release a very safe sounding cover.

Leaps and bounds. =(

Poster Girl said...

No, you said what I was thinking :(

I know! I really thought they were going to do the brave (although not well planned out) thing and release it, but given that banner billing, it doesn't seem like it's going to be the song that's emphasized. I'll probably enjoy the cover (I hope...), but this is such a regression.