Wednesday, February 14, 2007

You got the best of them, you got the best of us all

Happy Valentine's Day! And, even if certain bands seem set on breaking my heart, we're still going to celebrate it, so today's song is, yes, a love song. Forget all those boring ballads, though--who wants those (I know, what I posted yesterday was sort of ballad-ish, but at least it was mid-tempo...and shhhh)? Accordingly, today's song is very catchy, very danceable, and far better than all the stuff iTunes is trying to convince you to buy for your Valentine. Oh, and it's Swedish--if giving someone Swedish music isn't the ultimate sign of affection, I don't know what is.

Natalie--by Toni (or ToNi), who I don't actually know that much about (except that he also wrote and produced this song), "Natalie" was on a summer 2006 compilation, so it's not exactly recent. I think this is his debut and so far only single, but it's a great one. I'm starting to wonder if I have a thing for strings in dance music--they're one of the reasons I enjoyed the Freemasons' remix of Beyonce's "Ring The Alarm" so much, and now, here they are cropping up again, though this time pretty instead of agressive. Beyond that, this is a pretty much straight-up dance or dance-pop song, full of energy and fun.

To buy Absolute Summer Hits 2006, which has this song on it, go here (physical). Alternatively, you could just buy the single, which you can get here (physical) or here (digital).

Next up: maybe that German band I was promising to write about a while ago.

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Natalie Godeseth said...

I just wanted to tell you that Toni is Danish

Best regards Natalie, the danish girl Toni is singing about