Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This better just be another stupid Internet rumor

Proving I am far from cutting edge, I've only found out about this about a month after it hit the net. However, that does not mean I will not be ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED if it turns out to be true.

Just in case it is a case of someone trying to spread a rumor, I'm not going to use names...but suffice to say, there is a very good chance that the lead singer of what is without doubt the best American band in existence and quite possibly the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD has left the group and gone solo.

It's been reported by some semi-reliable news sources and a new official site (complete with somewhat sketchy bio--the wording in some parts seems strange--but also what I have to admit are some rather lovely photos) for him has appeared, but the band has yet to confirm anything. No one really knows anything for sure.

I've never actually lived through a band I love breaking up before...I'm not sure if I can handle this! Though I'm horribly behind and have not actually sent my list of the top ten pop albums to Adem yet, their album is without doubt featuring on it...and probably featuring quite highly.

If all this is true, I'm not going to go all crazy hater-ish or anything, and I'll follow his solo career and the band if they continue...but I will be very sad.


Troy said...

Thats the meanest post in the world! You cant tease us like that!! WHICH BAND?!

I've lived through the break up of The spice girls and Steps... both of which were my fave bands at the time of the breaks... it was HORRIBLE!

Adem IAR said...

I'm completely out of the loop too... WHO IS IT?!?!?!

Jamie said...

I don't have a clue who you're talking about but I can associate with this kind of pop tragedy.

When Alcazar called it a day, I held a candlelight vigil with a disco ball. I still hope for their return one day as although I love the boys, the girls made the group for me!

Poster Girl said...

I think you all should be safe--it's one of my boys-with-guitars bands, and it's not McFly. But the second concert I ever went to...the first group I ever met...the album I could just imagine listening to and I wouldn't be able to fight back a smile...sigh... If you all managed to survive Spice Girls, Steps, and Alcazar breaking up, though, I think there is hope for me making it through :)

Troy said...

Ohh lets play the guess the band game!

Is it the Click Five?!

Paul said...

it's click five isn't it? sob sniffle?!

Digital Technique said...

Hope it's not true that he has left but their wikepedia entry takes gives you a link to his official solo site! Although it is strange that if he left in late 2006 why the band haven't made some sort of announcement!

Fingers crossed the rest of the band carry on as they are one of the best pop groups around at the moment!!

Poster Girl said...

I wasn't trying to be mysterious or anything, but yup, Troy, right in one :) Or really, that should probably be :( I'm impressed, though!

Yeah, the lead singer (Eric) has an official site now (piece of evidence 1), Tommy2 reported he was leaving (piece of evidence 2), though his birthday is the same day as Ben's, the official site was only updated to say happy birthday to Ben, not Eric (piece of evidence 3), and they've played a series of shows without him (piece of evidence 4). Apparently they have a tentative replacement named Kyle and their music is somewhat different now--less pop, supposedly. I envision them breaking apart from one amazing pop group to one solo artist and one group, neither of which will probably want to be very pop.

This is what I get for forgetting to honor the death of Busted this January.

J'ason D'luv said...

THANK GOD! You had me so scared for a minute there. When you said the greatest American band ever, my mind imediately went to Nickelback.

Poster Girl said...

Well, amazing as they are, they're only the third best American band, just being narrowly beaten out by the Fray.