Friday, February 02, 2007

Pulsen slår, jag ser din blick

I promise I'll post something less well known soon, but I'm so excited about Melodifestivalen that I can't really think about anything else at the moment.

I've mentioned before how much I love Martin Stenmarck, and he comes off really well in the live performances of his I've watched--sweet and fun; take, for example, his performance after winning Melodifestivalen--but "Las Vegas" is not one of his best moments (though, to be fair, it has grown on me over time). I don't quite understand why it won in 2005, especially when you had performances like Nanne Grönvall's that year. She's entered Melodifestivalen a bunch of times, sometimes as part of a group and sometimes by herself, and will be competing in it again this year; she's in the third semifinal which, judging by the fact that even I recognize the names of a lot of people competing in it, looks really tough. If she gives a performance like the one she did in 2005, though, I don't know how she could fail to make the final.

Håll om mig--this song itself is great--strong and catchy--but, as with a lot of Melodifestivalen songs, you'll enjoy it so much more if you watch the performance of it. Nanne seriously does everything right, and then some; if I was competing in Melodifestivalen, this is exactly the sort of performance I'd want to give. The beat (those guitars and drums), the dancers, the wind machines, the choreography, the dress--all perfect. I'm sort of left without words, actually, but it's the sort of song perfect for strutting, and, though I doubt any of us is going to be able to rival Nanne in that department, you might just find yourself fighting the urge to try.

To buy
Nanne Grönvall's album Alltid på väg, go here (physical) or here (digital; it's also available on iTunes; her name there is listed just as "Nanne").

Next up: maybe I'll be able to break away from my Melodifestivalen fixation...but I wouldn't count on it.


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She can adopt me.

Poster Girl said...

She's just crazy enough to make her even more brilliant! I don't know how anyone could not love her.