Friday, February 02, 2007

Check the beat, get down down down

Yay! I love Andreas's song (I don't know what everyone else will think, or how it would do, but I think it's great just as a, it better have some fun dance routines)! And there's some other great ones, too...I'll update this post in just a couple of minutes.

All right, so, my three favorites, in order of favorite to third favorite ("favorite" referring to what I like most, not what would do best at Eurovision), based on my first listen (I'm not mentioning last names or song titles, but you can find those here):

Update: links removed.

Andreas (a little clubby, and it's got handclaps! Makes me want an album from Andreas even more)

Sofia (like a Helena Paparizou song in that it's danceable pop with a Greek influence--I think I remember reading that Helena was thinking about or wanted to sing this song, or something along those lines?)

Elin (super-poppy, maybe even bubblegum; I think it's sort of funny that she's got a song about wanting all the money she can get and that includes the phrase "rich bitch" when a few months ago Andreas released a song using that same phrase about a woman obsessed with money)

(These are all web rips, so let me know if there's something wrong with the audio. They'll probably only be up for a limited time only, but then again, I'm sure a bunch of other blogs will have them, too. For the moment, though, I'm still so excited that I needed to do this! This is my first year following Melodifestivalen, so I'm incredibly excited to go through the whole process.)

There are also a couple of nice mid-tempos in the "adult" vein, Stefan & Aleena's song being the best of those, followed by Uno & Irma's.

To listen to all the songs from this semifinal, you can go to the official Melodifestivalen site (click on the pink arrow next to the performer's name); I think they're all up to listen to until tomorrow, when the ones that make it to future rounds will be taken down.

(Full disclosure: I couldn't manage to listen to Anna's song without it starting and stopping a million times, so I got frustrated and stopped trying; it could be very good, but I'm not able to judge it yet.)


kevin said...

Andreas reminded me Darin. Not my cup of tea, though I adore Darin's ballads as well as love Andreas classic numbers.

About Elin's lyrics - exactly what I thought when heard it. Dollar Queen rules.

Nick said...

I'm just foaming at the mouth waiting for the Ark's entry!

Nick said...

Oh, and for the record... my thoughts:

Elin's lyrics are hilarious. The whole thing is pretty stupid, but at least it's catchy.

Meanwhile, that Addis Black Widow song is just bizarre. I like it because of its strangeness.

The other ones by and large bore me.

BTW... on an entirely unrelated (well, mostly) note, I've started to learn Swedish so I can actually read/understand all this stuff!!

Paul said...

I like Andreas a lot, i think his songs have a great appeal. Which means that he will probably never be big as i seem to be a curse. Sigh. Wow, Nick learning Swedish - that's pretty dedicated. And impressive. I shall be ransacking my Magnuss christmas album now and sending you lyrics ;)

I haven't really had time to catch the festival but as always i enjoy living vicariously thru u!

PS - veronica mars was amazing this week

Megan said...

Heya! I've been reading your blog for the past few months and during that time I've noticed that you're a fan of Go:Audio. I am as well which is why I thought I'd let you know (if you hadn't already noticed) that they put a new song, "Change", up on their MySpace. Just thought you might wanna know. :]

x Meg

Robpop said...

Soooooooooooo much to catch up on!

Poster Girl said...

I thought that too, about Andreas--like a Darin song, only with some of the bleeps being a bit more retro than what Darin would probably use. Completely agree on "Dollar Queen," though I haven't heard any of his pre-Alcazar work.

Nick, I can't wait (if you want me to not post it next Friday, either because you're going to or whatever, let me know, because I'm quite sure it will be one of my favorites)! The Addis Black Widow song isn't one I feel invested in hoping it does well, but I can see myself listening to it in the future. Learning swedish is a brill idea--if there was a good way I could do so, I'd definitely follow your example! It'd be so much easier to keep up on news and appreciate songs in Swedish that way.

Luckily "Lovegun" did well in Sweden, I think, so hopefully you haven't cursed him yet ;) We'll have to see what happens when he has another major release (I don't think "Dollar Queen" was intended to do really well or be a real single).

That's great--thanks so much for letting me know, Megan! Can't wait to hear it...I've loved what I've heard from them so far.

Robpop is still alive--yay (though I guess if I think about it, your last post on DSTP was last Saturday)! Hope you had a great time celebrating your birthday :)