Thursday, February 01, 2007

Det börjar bra, nästan intressant

I can't take it. I can't leave that as the song for the day. We need something to brighten up the place, something definitely good but totally poppy and happy. And I know exactly what will fit the bill: the new (ish) song by Swedish singers Linda Bengtzing and Markoolio. Linda was a contestant on Fame Factory and has competed in Melodifestivalen in the past, and, though I don't know much about Markoolio, I do know he's released music before, too. The song has been written about at several places (including Schlagerblog, a blog which you really have to read if you're at all interested in Eurovision), so this is far from a breaking discovery, but it's still so great that I have to share it.

Värsta Schlagern--this song makes me desperately wish I could speak Swedish. It's basically (from what I understand) a parody of and homage to the schlager genre--it does everything the typical schlager song does, only taking it up another level and describing it all. Even if you can't understand the language to get all the jokes (if you want to know what all the lyrics mean, Popknark has translated them over at the Popjustice forums), it's still a fun, bright, happy pop song.

To buy the single for Markoolio and Linda Bengtzing's single "Värsta Schlagern", go here (physical) or here (digital). If you want more from Linda, you can grab her song "Ingenting Att Förlora" from the great blog You Don't Know Pop here.

Don't forget to vote for the best ten pop albums of all time--e-mail your choices to Adem of I'm Always Right at Full details of the vote can be found here, but it's a great idea...and one randomly selected voter may even win a prize! Adem's decided to continue accepting entries up until March 1. This really is a great opportunity--all those annoying lists that leave off the best albums because they don't fit in with what's traditionally acceptable? This'll fight back against them. Choose whatever you think the best ten pop albums are and e-mail your list off; to sound for cliche for a moment, it's for a great cause...and more importantly, it's fun!

Edit: you can see pictures from Melodifestivalen rehearsals for the first round here; thanks to a commenter on ESC Today for the link (the link to ESC Today will also take you to some really minimal summaries of a few of the rehearsals)!

Next up: still hopefully someone from Norwegian Idol, but possibly another Swedish singer.


kevin said...

In fact, Markoolio for Sweden is a bit less that Eminem is for the US, but he's in the local superstardom for years - as the (pop) rap singer no. 1.

Paul said...

that is possibly the worst best cover i have ever seen!

Poster Girl said...

Thanks, Kevin--I had no idea! I have a lot to catch up on. Why can't we have U.S. rap singers release songs like this?

It totally fits with the attitude they were going for with the song, I think :)
Tongue-in-cheek, not that serious, etc.

Paul said...

i think i meant best worst cover, pondering it! And i do love it!

Poster Girl said...

I think that's what I read or thought you meant, actually...weird!