Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I think I need some time by myself, without anybody else

I think the Click Five are trying to tell us something...

That's the picture on their website's front page.

It's totally normal for the rumored-to-be-gone/leaving lead singer to be posing yards behind the rest so that he's positively miniscule in the picture, right?


Kev said...

PG, you asked about the Second Chance...

New for this year is that the song entries that go on to the Second Chance will be performed live in the live broadcast!

As usual, two songs from each preliminary competition go on to the Finals, and two go to the Second Chance. New for this year's Second Chance is that the song entries compete "tournament style", two by two, or song-against-song, and telephone votes from the television audience determine which song wins.
The road to the Finals lies open for the two song entries that win the television audience's votes in two levels of matches. Which song entry goes against which other is decided upon in advance according to which preliminary competition the song competed in, and which start number it had in that competition.

And here's a handy chart:


Paul said...


to click five not to the post above :)

Poster Girl said...

Thanks for the explanation! It seems like sort of a strange way to do it--what if the two best songs in the second chance round are in the same level and so can't both make it to the final?

It is not looking good for the Click Five...I just wish we'd get an official announcement one way or the other. Sigh...