Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Your life will go on and on, from dusk till dawn, celebrate the night!

Birthday wishes go out to two amazing blogs:

The Zapping (oops, I mean thezapping) celebrates its one-year anniversary with a facelift! Ooo, how very L.A.. Paul's writing and the amazing number of upcoming artists he champions provide constantly interesting and amazing reading, and I can't imagine the blogosphere without him!

CFB Goes Pop celebrates four years--four years! I can't even imagine. The Australian-based blog recently featured what may possibly be the best music journalism ever featured anywhere on the Internet, and it always leaves me in stitches.

I love both these sites more than is probably healthy...thanks so much for the time you put in! You both rock!

(And, umm, because I have no memory, did I ever wish happy birthday to Chart Rigger or the Razor Wire? I don't think so--I'm awful, I'm sorry! Happy super-incredibly-belated birthdays to both of those blogs!)


J'ason D'luv said...

Jeez, better late then never, I suppose. Now when do you jump out of a cake?

Poster Girl said...

Sorry, J'ason, that's a special "popstars-only" service--you're going to have to do better than a #24 in Japan before you qualify for that!

Paul said...

i'm SO la daahlink

Alyson with a Y said...

Hooray! Thankyou! We love you too! A lot of people have said four years, I can't imagine, and not in a good way!