Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Juegan a ser mayor

All right, last post for the day, I promise (of course, that's easy to promise when it's 11:54 PM).

I am so fascinated with Nash. They aren't the world's best looking boy band, and they certainly aren't the world's best singing boy band...but something about them makes me keep watching. Take, for example, one of their shorter performances from Mision Eurovision. As I mentioned, 5 song-and-performer combinations made it to the superfinal, but before that each of the songs was performed by each of the five artists, albeit only about a minute and a half of each song. Watch what Nash does what with this performance of "Una lágrima" ("A tear").

Did you see that? They went...arty and political! Granted, not a very sophisticated message, but still. They've got outfits on reminiscent of military garb, the blindfolds they're wearing read "fear," "hunger," "war," and "poverty," and when they tear open their jackets at the end, their shirts read "peace." I mean...a political boy band? An arty performance? It all could come off very wrong, but it somehow works. I was a little worried during the spinning part, but when they hit the chorus and break the circle, tugging on the ties binding them together, swaying back and forth, and upping the strength in their delivery--well, I love it. And when they're singing to the audience, during the part about begging for water? They look like they mean it. The "yo"'s (or "go"'s) chanted at the end and the rapid-paced singing they're backing up? I like those, too.

They're incredibly rough around the edges in pretty much every way possible, but, though I don't know why, I am...as I said, "fascinated."

(If you want to see how everyone else performed the song, you can do so here.)

Plus, Mikel apparently spent some time studying and living in the UK! Who knew?


PinkieDust said...

You should see the Italian attempts :(

PinkieDust said...

(the joke is, Italy doesnt bother any more)


So we have this thing called...the Sanremo Music Festival instead.

Paul said...

talking of slightly crap boybands, eton road got signed :) Huzzah! Now they need to do All Day Long I Dream About Sex...

Poster Girl said...

I noticed that, and wondered why--was it just not doing well? And, now that I think about it, I really don't know any Italian music, bar a couple of artists.

It's the magic touch of the Zapping--it can't be long before Beyond and Digital are huge, with your support!

PinkieDust said...

I think the italian TV station wasnt willing to pay. Then the sanRemo festival started to get larger ratings than Eurovsion. It started off a bit like Melodifestivalen....and then upstaged the mainshow.