Friday, January 05, 2007

You were holding all the cards

It is 1:22 AM here. Note to self: in the future, when you get back, just go straight to bed; don't think you'll "just check something really quick," because you will inevitably get caught up in something else. Anyhow, somehow or other, I ended up listening to previews of Markus Fagervall's new album, Echo Heart. I don't know why, since I didn't follow him in Idol this year, and, though his debut single isn't awful, I don't love it (though, since he's off an Idol show, that single is never an indication of future direction...actually, that's probably why I was listening to the album, hoping there would be some shockingly amazing song on it). Anyhow, I was listening to the thirty second preview of the first song on the album, "All The Way," when I realized it sounded really familiar; not necessarily the voice, but the words and melody--the lyrics featured were pretty distinctive: "you should have bit your lip/instead of biting mine." That sort of thing sticks in the mind, y'know. Anyhow, thank goodness for the iTunes feature that lets you type in words and look at all the songs that include those words, because it allowed me to figure out where I'd heard the song before: on the MySpace site of Alex Vargas, a singer whose song "Diamonds in the Dirt" I absolutely love and have featured several times before. I haven't heard the whole Markus song, but it has to be the same song as Alex's! Lyrics searches didn't bring up any other songs besides Markus's, which is making me think it's not a case of them both covering the same song (but please let me know if there is an original!), but maybe Alex's song getting used! I don't know for a fact that he wrote it, but I'm guessing he did--he's a singer-songwriter. "All The Way" isn't my favorite song Alex has done, but, if all this is true, I'm so excited! Granted, it's not as if I have any special connection to him, but he's someone I'd really love to see succeed. "Diamonds In The Dirt" should be a hit...Alex, if you're not going to release it yourself, license it to some Idol show and let it be the winner's single! I think it'd be perfect for that.

Anyhow, here's Alex's version of "All The Way," up for a limited time, because I'm desperate for details. Does anyone actually have an actual physical copy of Markus's album and so the songwriting credits? Keep in mind, "Diamonds In The Dirt" is so much better, though!

All The Way (Alexander Vargas)

You can visit Alex Vargas's MySpace here (but "Diamonds In The Dirt" isn't up anymore). Does anyone know if his EP was ever released? Did I just miss it?

I'm really so excited about this (of course, it'll probably end up being just a cover or something I didn't recognize, but I hope it's not)!

Next up: this might end up being my real post for Friday (technically, it is Friday now), depending on how busy I am. Maybe a Spanish or American singer next.

(Footnote: I know this probably won't mean too much to people who aren't 1) following Alex, or 2) following ex-Swedish Idol contestants, but I'm really excited by stuff like this!)


Paul said...

and i thought i had a random collection of music but your international flavourings continue to astound me!!

Poster Girl said...

I still can't beat you for randomness, though, Paul! I'm just trying to play catch up on everything I've missed out on, so I'm searching everywhere for everything :) Alex is from the UK, if that helps ground me at all.

Anonymous said...

Alex's EP is out now i just got it off itunes... not diamonds in the dirt but some other really good ones, you should check it out

Poster Girl said...

Oh, thanks for letting me know! I should've thought to look there, but I didn't see any mention of it on his site, so I didn't bother checking. ...and, yup, it's available in the U.S., too...just bought it--thanks!

(By the way, I adore the acoustic version of "All The Way"...I should've mentioned that in this post, but if you sign up for his mailing list, you'll get a free download of it, and it's great.)