Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hei me heilutaan taas mutta ei me kaaduta

Today will not be about my favorite album from last year--that will come later (though I don't think it will surprise anyone). Instead, today's song comes from Finnish girl band Tiktak (also known as Tik 'N Tak during their failed attempt to break the U.S.). Tiktak, made up of six girls (who, yes, do play their own instruments--they met at music school), is pretty popular in Finland, I think--maybe their most popular girl group. They've also been around for a long time; their first album came out in 1999, and they're still together, with their most recent album coming out in 2005. Tiktak have always mixed pop and rock (they were covering "Kids In America" on their second album), but the rock has increased over the years. I guess the easy comparison would be Vanilla Ninja--in both cases, the rock being mixed with the pop is that hard-edged rock--but there's something different about them; I'm not quite sure how to put it--maybe that Vanilla Ninja have more drama in their songs? Regardless, Tiktak are a lot of fun, judging by the one full album I've heard from them. That album, Ympyrää (Tiktak sing in Finnish, with the exception of their one album designed to break them in the U.S.), is what today's song comes from.

Heilutaan--there are about a million things this song sounds like--"My Sharona" and that children's chant Jibbs turned into a rap song, to name a couple. It also sounds like the girls are having a great time, though, and the song is so much fun that I can't help but love it. This is one of the songs that isn't so rocky, though it's definitely got guitars in it; it's poppy and fun and incredibly catchy. I have no idea what they're singing (Wikipedia says the title means "let's sway"), but I find myself making up words to sing along with them anyway.

As usual with Finnish albums, I have no idea where you can buy Tiktak's 2003 album Ympyrää (if anyone knows where to buy Finnish music, please, please let me know!), but, if you live in Europe, you can buy their most recent album (as well as some of their other albums) from CD On here.

Next up: probably another singer from a Spanish-speaking country.


J'ason D'luv said...

They look like they like it on top.

billyknowspop said...

i love the Tik N Tak album. It's really good!

Poster Girl said...

Do you know, J'ason, I have no response. Maybe? I hope so.

I haven't actually heard the Tik N Tak album, but, based on this album and hearing that it's so good, I may have to go search it out!

Robpop said...

OMG! I LOVE TIKTAK! They are part of my LEGENDS of GIRLBANDS coming up soon!

Poster Girl said...

Oooo! Can't wait to hear more from them--I've only heard stuff from this one album, and I love it!

Anonymous said...

I have to say something. Tiktak isn't at all like Vanilla Ninja. And why? : They are not trying to pretend something or nothing. Their guitarist, Noora have said that they are band with message of good spirit of happenings. And I can say that they play and make tours with real glee and expertise.

Tiktak is true, real band with full of joy. Many Finn people loves Tiktak and it's one of the most popular bands in Finland. I love them, I love their gigs. And many other loves too!

Last December when I heard that Tiktak will say "goodbye" and will stop playing together, I felt empty. Next summer and sunny days will come, but without Tiktak's great gigs. It's more than sad for me and for all fans.