Saturday, January 06, 2007

I got no reasons left to please you

Another song in English today! And tomorrow's will be, too! I don't know how I got into a streak of so many non-English language songs lately--maybe I'm getting better at appreciating those than I thought. Today's song comes from Swedish band Clark. They've spent a lot of time in Japan and China, trying to get big in those countries, but this song also did pretty well in the Swedish charts, even if it was no chart-topper. It took several years for the album (including the single) to come out. They've moved on to material from their second album now, though, and their most recent single, "Whatever," entered the charts at #17; their new album will come out February 2. I don't think Clark have the biggest financial backing (judging from, among other things, their low budget-looking but endearing music video; edit: and apparently they're signed to an indie label), but that hasn't stopped them from making top-quality songs like this.

I Don't Need You--don't be thrown off by that unassuming title--"I Don't Need You" is a great song. Big and powerful but beautiful, it's got a chorus (and pre-chorus/bridge) to die for--so catchy and gorgeous that any label would be foolish not to think "Hit!" when they heard it. I guess some people might think it's "dad rock," but I don't care (and completely disagree); I love this song. There's not really much I can say about it--it's just amazing. For some reason, I want to say that songs like this are proof of why we don't need the Fray, even though I can't think of a logical reason I should be comparing the two--but still, that's what it brings to mind. "I Don't Need You" is the sort of song that should be a hit everywhere.

To buy Clark's debut album, Two Of A Kind, go here (physical) or here (digital). Since "Clark" isn't exactly the most googleable name, their website is here and MySpace is here.

Next up: another song in English, also by a group, but not one that played their own instruments.


Paul said...

hello clark! they look quite mean and moody in the picture but if they make music this good i am guessing they are little pussy cats underneath :)

Poster Girl said...

I know, that picture doesn't represent them at all! But I couldn't get any of the group pictures on their official site to load. I thought about using their album cover--it represents them a lot better, I think, and I like it--but the biggest picture of that I could find wasn't that big and you would barely have been able to see the people on it at all. I think the music video does a pretty good job of showing what they're like, though.