Monday, December 11, 2006

I wanna watch you fly to the sky tonight

I don't know that much about Emma Andersson (who is not actually blue, but this is the best picture I could find of her; credit for it goes to here). I do know she is Swedish, and was on the show that was the original version of Survivor. I've found a couple of references to some interview she gave that somehow involved Nazis, but, since I don't know Swedish, I have no idea what that was actually about. She was also in the same car accident this year as several of Sweden's Idol contestants (I think everyone was fine). Her 2002 album, Who I Am, is one of the most insubstantial albums possible: not only is it just ten tracks, one of those songs is just a different version of one of the other songs. It's also insubstantial in terms of how it feels--there's a very light feel to her songs, which are generally sweet pop, but sometimes venture into almost trance-ish--but that type of insubstantial is not a bad thing.

(Can anyone tell me more about her? Is this equivalent to me supporting Jordan?)

Weightless (feat. Bosson)--the video for this fits so perfectly--all white and floaty, rippling sheets and adorableness. The lyrics are just as cute. There's not really much I can say about it--it's a great, fun pop song! I'm so glad it's a duet, because I think it works so much better that way.

Somebody Should Have Told Me--just Emma this time, and the song is more laid-back, with sort of a flowing feel, but still sweet. I think that describes most of the songs on her album--simple and sweet. Despite its short length, it's still a nice purchase, because, though none of the songs are ground-breaking, most of them are good.

To buy Emma Andersson's debut album, Who I Am, go here (physical).

Maybe it's just the joy of new headphones, but it seems like there's an abundance of great music going around the blogosphere lately.

The Eye-pod has music by Jump5, who I can't believe I've never heard of before but will definitely have to look for more of--so happy and poppy and dancey that it's amazing!

Digital Technique has Icelandic Eurovision entries and some lovely songs by Sophie Monk--so sweet and pretty!

XO's Middle 8 introduced me to Mark Ronson and "Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before," the soulful song he's produced for Daniel Merriweather. It will be on Ronson's upcoming album Version (mp3 here for a very limited time only, as I definitely want to promote this song--it's so good--and the album, but I don't want to hurt its future sales).

#1 Hits From Another Planet has yet another excellent glammy, rocky song from the Callahan.

Next up: most likely a plea to buy a certain single out this week.


Alexander said...

Emma is NO Jordan. She may have breast implants, but that's all they have in common.

Emma's a wonderful girl. She was in 'Survivor' twice, she won the whole thing the second time.

She released one album, four singles (Walk On Water, Weightless, Celebrate Me & I Believe.)

She has more or less given up on music, people didn't take her "seriously" even though she played live with a band and everything. She can in fact sing, she's not the average bimbo.

She's now more of a TV-personality, with her own Tv-show and everything.

I personally love her because she is absolutely nuts but brilliant.

Poster Girl said...

Thank goodness! Her album is just so sweet--I was really hoping to hear a response like that. It's such a shame that she's given up on music, though, because, as short as her album is, it's really good (I'm not too fond of the two versions of "Never Let You Go," but I like the rest of it).

Her website isn't running right now, so I couldn't really find out anything about her--thank you!

Anonymous said...

I've heard another version " Weightless", it is sung by the Dutch band K-Otic

Poster Girl said...

I've heard that version, too! To be honest, that's how I found out about Emma--I found out that "Weightless" was a cover and wanted to hear the original.