Monday, December 11, 2006

It was just a kiss, but I could see you meant it

Why does this get its own post? Well, partly because I didn't want to worry about messing with something that had a YouTube video embedded in it, but mainly because I wanted to draw attention to it.

Sooo...long story short: post on Popjustice by a new band, listened to the song, excellent song, but all I could think of while listening to it was that the singer's voice sounded exactly like someone else's. I mean exactly. And then, about two-thirds in, it hit me: you know who this sounds exactly like? The Vacancy! You remember--I wrote about them awhile ago, posted some songs, and said that I was really disappointed that their MySpace site had disappeared, because they were so good. Well...I'm pretty sure they're back! Listen to this song (up only for a very limited time--it's brilliant, but I'm hoping they'll do well this time around, so I don't want to hurt their chances. It's low audio quality, though, so hopefully that will help) and tell me what you think...isn't the voice a dead ringer? Can anyone tell me? Does go:audio (the name of this band) = the Vacancy? Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part. Sigh.

Go:Audio - Made Up Stories (download link removed--visit their MySpace)

and, for comparison purposes:

The Vacancy - Bad Luck Boomerang (link removed)

The Vacancy - Catch Your Tear (link removed)

(Low audio quality for both, sorry!)

At any rate, how genius is that Go:Audio song? Very, very, very genius! I think I have a new song to put on practically constant repeat. If it is the former Vacancy, they're back and improved. Visit their MySpace here, and I really hope we hear more from them.


Anonymous said...

any chance of you being able to put Bad Luck Boomerang link back up?

Anonymous said...

Pretty much the same queston as the other comment, any chance you could put the vacancy music links back up.
Go:Audio just aren't the same as The Vacancy


wellsi said...

any chance of putting the links back up?
would actually make my life.