Sunday, December 10, 2006

I just don't see us tomorrow, babe

Wow! Over the past several months, the condition of my headphones must have been steadily deteriorating, but at a pace that I didn't realize it. Yesterday, though, I switched pairs (from my earbuds to some old school headphones), and wow! I had forgotten how amazing music could sound! Of course, this also had some unforseen side effects. I'm having to go back and reevaluate anything I heard for the first time recently--for example, though I still like that Marcos Hernandez song, it's for entirely separate reasons now--you really can't hear that "build" I was going on about with decent (or maybe just half-decent) headphones. It also had the rather unfortunate side effect of me lying in bed at 2:41 AM, listening to "Lev Livet" and trying not to burst out laughing (I was literally biting my lip and shaking)--it's just that infectiously knock-you-over-the-head happy!

One more side note: Digital Technique, already a must-visit, is even more so now because of the post on Sergey Lazarev, who, along with Vlad Topalov from yesterday, was the other former member of Smash!!. Sergey's going in a slightly more electronic and often more dance-oriented style (even for his ballads) and his song "Fake" is seriously one of the best singles of the year (you will want to laugh and be compelled to dance at the same time--I can't believe how much I like it, and that it's held up so many months on, but it's brilliant).

On with the topic for today: Mihai Trăistariu. Mihai is from Romania and sang one of my favorite songs from last year's Eurovision, "Tornero" (speaking of Eurovision: I can't wait for it! This will be the first time I've really followed it as it's happening). Mihai used to be a member of the group Valahia but has since gone solo. He also has an incredible range (five octaves, including his whistle register, I think). He released an album earlier this year, but has also just come out with a Christmas album. His official website is also rather interesting (lots of noise! light-up swords?), though it seems to be behind the times. The non-holiday album disappointed me a little bit, as I was hoping for a bunch of danceable songs, and it's sadly rather short of those, and there are no stormers on par with "Tornero."

Tornero--I'm posting the Eurovision version instead of the album version because I prefer the former by a long shot--there are a lot more background electronic effects going on in the album version, but I think they actually detract from the power, fun, and catchiness of the Eurovision edit, and there was some strange changing of the lyrics and rearranging of the parts of the song. Uptempo and really, really catchy, "Tornero" also boasts a killer moment two-thirds in that you'll probably be mimicking for the rest of the day (the closest I can come to explaining it in written words would be something like "I didn't know-oh-oh-oh-oh-OHHHH...TORRR-NERR-OOO!," but trust me, that doesn't even come close). Despite the title, probably most of the song is in English--it's only the chorus where Mihai switches over to Italian.

Everybody Loves Tomorrow Day--a bit similar to "Tornero" in that it's danceable (mainly in the chorus), but this isn't quite as anthemic. Despite its somewhat awkward title, it's got a decent, a bit trance-influenced chorus that means you probably won't be thinking about the grammar for too long (well, maybe you will, but it sort of feels like it makes sense when he's singing it...maybe). The echoey electronic voice is a nice touch.

Crazy Dance--still of the electronic-ish dance variety, but slightly less laid-back than "Everybody Loves Tomorrow Day." The chorus somehow manages to be awkward but catchy at the same time.

Dimmi si o no--both copies of this song I've heard have that talking at the beginning; I'm not sure if all of them do, but it'd be sort of funny if they all preemptively talked about Mihai Träistariu being back with a "brand new hit." I know they all have that telephone conversation in the beginning, though, because Mihai even uses it when he performs live. Out of these last three songs, this is probably the closest in style to "Tornero," though it still can't rival it. Except for the opening, though, it's not in English Except the verses clearly are in English--I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote that. This one also has more of Mihai showing off his voice--can that really be him singing at 2:41?! I guess that's what they must mean by "whistle register"...

To buy Mihai Träistariu's album Tornero (in some places, Mihai just used his first name), go here (physical).

Rumor has it that McFly may try to break the U.S. again. I am all for this--honestly, they should be massive here. I'm convinced that if they could've had a spot on the AMAs or something they would have become the next big thing here, and even without that, they should still be huge. However..."Star Girl"? Are you serious, boys?! It's a decent song, but it's so far from their best work that I honestly have no idea what they're thinking. Give us "Sorry's Not Good Enough," give us "Friday Night," give us "We Are The Young," (I'd say "Transylvania, but I don't think that'd be the thing to break with here), but "Star Girl"?!?! Do you not want to be successful here? I'm beginning to think you don't, because you're doing exactly all the wrong things.
(United States, if McFly take off here, I will...I will...well, I don't know what exactly I'd do, but I would be so incredibly thrilled that I can't even explain!)

Next up: maybe an American singer.


Robpop said...

I love it that you love Magnus! Oddly blog world hasnt been so kind to him. They all prefer Andreas and his disco trampy anthems. For some reason however in sweden Magnus appears to be doing much better than his ex. The new single went to no.2 this week while the christmas album has done very well. Andreas has yet to complete his solo album but rumours are that it will be ready feb 07.

Paul said...

Star Girl? Really? Star Girl???! I am speechless. without speech. soto voce. sans le bouche. ich bin nein mouthen. Surely Sorry'S Not Good Enough would be much more marvelous in its marvelosity

Goggle said...

I love Tornero too! Mainly because it helps me remember how to conjugate the future tense in Italian :-)

Poster Girl said...

Oh, good for him! I am looking forward to hearing more from Andreas, though--I thought "Dollar Queen" was really great and "Lovegun" was good. Thanks for the heads-up on the rumored release date--I had been wondering about that!

Paul, I know! I really hope this rumor isn't true, because it's so completely ridiculous--who is managing them? Do I need to go through a list of all the things they've done wrong? Honestly, it's like someone made a list of all the ways to make sure one doesn't succeed in the U.S. and is going through and ticking them off one by one!

Goggle, I wish I had a song that helped me do that for Spanish. I can get the title of Shakira's "Ciega, Sordomuda," but that's about it!