Friday, August 25, 2006

In case anyone was wondering where Clay Aiken's hairstyle had gone to...

...apparently Heinz Winckler has stolen it.

(Keep in mind I like both of those artists, so that's not meant to be snarky.)


It seems the release date for Heinz's Moment of Truth album has been moved back to September 4. I've yet to find a site selling it that will ship outside of South Africa, but if you do live there, you will eventually be able to order it here.

This is the cover artwork for it. I can't see that logo without thinking of the Hogwarts crest and the logo for the band in School of Rock.

I swear I don't usually think this much about pictures, but when you don't give me anything else to go off of, Heinz (your website is still advertising your tour with Phixx!), this is where my mind is going to go.

Music later today!


Henry said...

oh yeah. its a lil bit similar to School of rock's logo. lol

Paul said...

i quite like the Wink! See you when i get back from hols!!

Poster Girl said...

Have a great time!

It probably doesn't look that much like those things, but I can't help thinking of them ;) Maybe all crests look the same to me? Or I've just seen that movie too much. said...

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