Friday, August 25, 2006

Solo quiero conversar, solo quiero conocerte

Spanish-speaking songs today, but hopefully good music crosses language boundaries.

Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" is a very good contender for "Most Overplayed Song Of The Summer." However, that doesn't stop the Colombian songstress from having some very good songs in her back catalogue.

Ciega, Sordomuda--in some ways, this isn't a "typical" pop song; it has horns, Shakira's usual ululations, and is sort of dramatic-sounding. The chorus, though, is catchy and bouncy (much of the song has an up-and-down feeling), and Shakira does have a way with the sound of words, even if some of her metaphors can be odd at times. It's essentially about being madly in love with someone and being completely helpless because of it.

Minerva is a Spanish singer who originally released this song in 1995. 11 years later, a remix is causing a resurgence of interest in the song.

Llorando Por Ti (HSP Radio Mix 2006)--dance-pop with a female singer. There's a moment in the middle where the song feels as if it's about to stop, but don't worry--there's more left! This version seems a little less techno than the original and puts the singing in more of a prominent position.

Reik is a three-person group from Mexico that has had success in some Latin American countries and on the US Latin charts. I found out about them when I was in Costa Rica--the radio was playing the song while I was on a crowded, chatty bus, so I couldn't hear most of it, but, about thirty seconds from its end, I managed to make out enough to realize that it wasn't the reggaeton we'd been hearing the entire trip; in fact, it sounded pretty poppy! I wrote down all the lyrics I could make out (all seven of them) and managed to find it when I got home.

Que Vida La Mia--the first time I heard this in its entirety, my reaction was "they still make music like this?" Yes, there are guitars (acoustic), but there's something about the song that makes it seem like a throwback to the old boyband days (and by old I mean late '90's and very early 2000's), with only the slightest hint of updating to accomodate modern trends--maybe it's the vocals? The melody? I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it makes for a sweet, simple, happy song that's catchy pretty much throughout.

You can buy Shakira's Donde Estan Los Ladrones? here (physical) or the single "Ciega Sordomuda" here (digital; you'll have to search for "Shakira"); a compilation CD with the remix of Minerva's song here (physical); and Reik's first album, Reik, here (physical) or here (digital; only valid for U.S. residents).

Next up: music by a Latin American singer, but in English this time.


Henry said...

shakira looks ugly with the braids

Poster Girl said...

Her image really has changed a lot, hasn't it? She looks so different on the covers of her really early albums. I can't picture her with any other look than the one she has now.

Henry said...

i agree