Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tell me I'm your one and only

It's kind of getting wordy around here, so, straight to the point, here's a great mood-lifting pop song from Nicole Scherzinger's new album. Like the album's lead single, "Poison," it's produced by RedOne, but, much as I love it--which is a lot, considering it's currently the song I keep going back to on a surprisingly enjoyable although not filler-free album--I hope it never gets the single treatment. It's best served as a little album track treasure.

As others have said, her current single, "Don't Hold Your Breath," is a fantastic pop song. I hope it's not too late for it to take off in the U.S.

Nicole Scherzinger's debut solo album, Killer Love, is out now in the UK and can be purchased here (physical).


Hofverberg said...

I Love Nicole. I Love her Singles. But the album left me a little bit disappointed, though "Say Yes" is a pop gem, yes it is!

Paul said...

i'm vaguely late coming to the Nicole Schweppesenipple party but i am v belatedly liking Poison and quite liking Don't Hold Your Breath. This is pleasant, but i wouldn't want it as her next single for example... I always feel she should be more massive globally for the amount of money seemingly spent on her (ditto Kelly Rowland!)

Poster Girl said...

Maybe we had different expectations--mine were pretty low, so an album that is half full of songs I enjoy works for me :)

Oh, Kelly...just release "On & On" as a single so I have an excuse to rave about it. As for Nicole, "Breath" is the sort of song it just seems impossible for anyone to dislike.

Damian said...
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