Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speaking in codes now

Sweden is lucky enough to be home to several of the most interesting, refreshing up-and-coming pop acts of the moment, all of them quite different. Le Kid makes pure pop decorated with big dollops of kitsch. Sound of Arrows make dreamy electronic pop.

I've been remiss, though, in not mentioning a third such exciting act: Viktorious.

In his earlier musical life as a member of the group Sugarplum Fairy, Viktor Norén helped create indie-friendly rock. His current music sheds almost all trappings of that sound, though. Neither is the self-styled superhero trafficking in Sweden's boy pop sound beloved by pure pop fans. He's still too new for us to know for sure what's going to characterize his music, but so far, it's bold electronic pop that I can't think of anyone else in the Swedish music scene at the moment making.

With that reference to distinctiveness out of the way, I must confess that the song I'm posting today from Viktorious is a tweaking of his debut single, last year's "When We Were 10," that pushes him back towards a musical sound we're all familiar with. It's a sound that I so adore, though, that I can't help giving it its moment in the sun.

When We Were 10 (Bassflow Remake) (Radio Rip) by poppostergirl

The sound in question? The surging pop production of Peter "Bassflow" Boström. No, I'm probably never going to stop singing his praises. In his remix of "When We Were 10," Peter takes us back to a sound anyone familiar with his work, be it his amazing Martin Stenmark remixes, Ola's "Natalie" and "S.O.S.", Charlotte Perrelli's "Hero," or any of his numerous other hits, will recognize. In the years since his reworkings of Martin Stenmarck's "Sjumilakliv" and "100 År Från Nu" took up frequent residence on Swedish radio, Bassflow remakes of pop-rock songs have become a popular way to entice P3 and Rix FM to play new singles. "When We Were 10 (Bassflow Remake)" is a great example of this little subgenre that can continue until the sun burns out as far as I'm concerned--it turns almost any song into a fist-pumping jolt of energy.

As for Viktorious, I'm very excited to see where he goes next. A new male singer who seems to be getting the electronic pop thing right is always welcome in my book. If you use Facebook, you can, as Swedish Stereo and #1 Hits From Another Planet have been reporting, download one free song each week from his website.

As one more side note, you have to appreciate a male singer signed to a major label who upon embarking upon a solo career outside of his indie-sounding rock group makes this one of the first photos he shares of himself online:

...with the caption "To celebrate the International Women‘s Day, here is Viktorious as a woman. Not just any woman, probably the best woman ever. Madonna, Like A Virgin. Looks pretty good, right? So if everything goes to hell, Viktorious can always become a drag queen. That‘s good to know!"

There's nowhere to purchase the Bassflow Remake of Viktorious's "When We Were 10" yet, but you can buy the original version here (digital).


Damian said...

You're my hero PG! I've been hunting for this mix whole week and so happy you've shown it. Bassflow mix just can't be anything but good by default but what I like the most is that Peter has changed verses' template he uses still giving anthemic treat to chorus. I think Peter has grown a lot this year to some real international sound especially on "In The Club" example.

Poster Girl said...

I HAD to hear it as well, and I thought (/hoped) some others might. It's just a radio rip, but at least it gives us an idea of what it sounds like :)

I'm inclined to agree with you on both counts. "In The Club" is the sort of song that I can believe he did but that doesn't sound super-similar to the beats in his previous has an international sound in a way that works.

Paul said...

Just absolutely delightful. I really really need more from him soon. I absolutely love that LAV photo he has done. Someone get him on season 4 of RuPaul's Drag Race right now!!

Poster Girl said...

He doesn't have the softness that some of the girls do, but yes, I'd undersign that idea! I'm incredibly excited to hear more from him, too.

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