Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall in love at first sight

Drop what you're doing--the music video for Le Kid's new single "We Should Go Home Together," the most joy-inducing song since Alphabeat's "Fascination," has arrived. Please, please, please watch it--or at least listen.

One of the best songs of the year, no doubt about it. It's amazing how they make "we should go home together" and "oh oh oh oh" sound like the most anthemic things you've heard all month.

According to Oswalds Popcorn, the single will be available for purchase September 27.


Robpop said...





Damian said...

Is it too much for Sweden? Why don't they have proper success being so phenomenal? Don't have idea but it's completely fantastic. I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't say - Le Kid extremely needs to be on MF next year!

Anonymous said...

RIP Rich Cronin :(

Paul said...

It is everything i dreamed it would be and then some :) It makes me feel SO SO happy :)

Mike said...

Loves it!

Anonymous said...

They've taken their time haha! I'm glad it's so good.

Poster Girl said...

Bobby, could that be more appropriate? I LOVE it, too. Full-fledged adoration.

It's mind-boggling that they were rejected this past year. I'm not sure what the panel was thinking, given everything we've heard from them.

Anonymous, sad news :( I remember him on that Man Band show--he came across as so grounded and really nice.

Paul, that seems like exactly what it's supposed to do!

Mike, great news!

They have! I wonder if maybe they put off releasing things in hopes of competing in Melodifestivalen, found out they didn't make it, and then had to wait for the next summer to release "Mercy, Mercy" (which has summer single written all over it), pushing back the whole campaign. Or maybe they were just working in the studio. Either way, I'm glad progress is being made.

xolondon said...

hmmm, nice boat boys!

Ironic FACT - the word verification as I type this is stine!