Thursday, September 23, 2010

Evergreen, you and me, we got everything here

The lead single from the second album of Sweden's Vincent, the singer of "Miss Blue," co-writer of Danny and Therese's "If Only You," and son of Roger Pontare, is another throwback to the pop-rock of the '60s. In fact, if anything it may play up those influences even more than his previous work.

Baby Hurricane by poppostergirl

Vincent has kept the gentle electronic touches of his earlier work, though, which enhances "Baby Hurricane"'s charm. The little electronic riff that opens the song is catchy but in a subdued way; combined with the Beach Boys-style harmonies and a drum part which is prominent and energetic in a functional, modest way, it creates the feeling of a smart, controlled mid-tempo romp.

We're not talking unrestrained exuberance, though. There's a certain joy the participants in an us-against-the-world relationship have, which shows up in "Baby Hurricane," but even if its subjects are willing to throw all caution to the winds, the song doesn't quite go there. It's a summer celebration song, sure, but hints of autumn sneak through.

The unassuming nature of "Baby Hurricane" might mean that it slowly creeps up on you. Creep up on you it will, though--"Baby Hurricane" sounds like the work of a (one-man) band so confident in its own abilities that it doesn't need to show off and instead can just get straight to the business of making something that is honed to greatness.

(On another note, the lyrics certainly have me hoping we'll get a music video.)

Vincent's single "Baby Hurricane" should eventually be able on Swedish iTunes. I'll update this link with more specificity and an international-friendly link should one become available.


Damian said...

Finally! Fantastic to hear new music from Vincent, I'm glad that he changed style (maybe eve tooo much - to almost unrecognizable state) and it's sweet (with Salem's vibes a bit) but probably too complicated for the first listening, I should give it better listen tonight. It's Vincent and it must be loved!!! :)

Poster Girl said...

I agree that it's Salem-sounding--I think if you were only half paying attention (say, radio on in the background), you could think it was him.

I'm just glad he came back with a song better than "Paradise." Given the quality of tracks we heard later from him, I still can't believe his lead single was something I'm so...not fond of.

Sebastian Lindroth Ahl said...

he just posted the song on his youtube channel here: