Thursday, August 19, 2010

This place is prison

The music video for McFly's new single, "Party Girl," is out.

The cynical part of me says that if you're already facing accusations of bandwagon jumping with your new more electro sound, throwing vampires in your video isn't exactly going to fend off those claims.

Maybe more importantly, it makes no sense, probably due to the fact that it seems to be random clips from the online movie they've made (as opposed to, say, a music video length presentation of a plot), intercut with performance footage. It also literally features a stripper pole. Then again, they've hardly been making great videos as of late anyway.

The song is still solid but not fantastic (why couldn't there have been a stronger chorus?). Nothing's really going to knock the album off the top spot on my "most anticipated albums of the year" list, though.

In other news, the original b-sides for the single include "Hotel On A Hill" and "Sunny Side Of The Street," two songs from the set that leaked earlier this year.


Paul said...

i'm as disappointed by the video (after 4 viewings) as I was initially by the song. I am giving myself the weekend to fall in love with it. Who IS the party girl? It seems like, actually, it's the Judd!!

Poster Girl said...

It's just...pointless, basically. Ha--Harry is the person most people would like to be the party girl, I imagine.H

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