Saturday, August 21, 2010

Drop the record

Alexandra Burke's latest single, "Start Without You," isn't really doing it for me, but her performance of it on TV show Magic Numbers was befitting of someone who's had one of the best singles of 2009 and one of the best singles of 2010.

There's enough "popstariness" there and in her delivery on "Bad Boys" and "All Night Long" to certainly make you hope her label and A&R get their act together and deliver on the album front next time around, no?


Paul said...

absolutely. even i'm not shallow enough to be totally won over by the vaguely hot boy dancers going on in the background. Now bring back Shayne Ward already.

Damian said...

After Paul wrote about this song I felt like I'm ready to fall for it but not yet so yesterday I've checked this performance and that what made me finally fall in love with the song. To be more exact melody in "Get like me, get on the dancefloor..."

Robpop said...

Yikes, thats awful.

I totally agree with ya PPG. The label has totally dropped the ball on this one.

D'luv said...


WHAT is going on with this woman's career??

Poster Girl said...

Paul, this is a universal truth. They can help a performance, but they cannot make a bad song good.

Damian, it's frustrating--she does everything possible to sell a song that really doesn't deserve to be sold.

Bobby and Robbie, you kind of expect a filler-filled debut album from a reality show contestant (with maybe a great single or two to sell it), but adding this new song into the package for a re-release? We should be at a better level of material by now. She acquits herself so well here, though, and works so well on the aforementioned singles that I really, really hope the next material we hear from her is worth hearing.