Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Come on, show 'em what you're worth

Let's all just pretend the other Katy Perry song to leak this morning doesn't exist and enjoy the other Stargate contribution from her upcoming Teenage Dream album, the dance/rave explosion that is "Firework."

Katy Perry - Firework by ileaks

By the way, after initially being just mildly positive about "Teenage Dream," I fell hard for it last week.

You can preorder Katy Perry's album Teenage Dream here (physical).


Damian said...

Teenage Dream has grown on me a lot as well! Firework seems to be also lovely track that I need to taste better a little bit later, but Peacock is something completely fantastic! It's not as powerfull as in live but I'm so in love with it, I've just put it on replay and don't stop last two hours.

Poster Girl said...

Ahhh, I'm not liking "Peacock," but I do like the image of you playing it over and over again for two hours! Still, with the full album out there now, there are some great songs on it.

Mike said...

Amazing! I love Katy and think the album is great. Nice to hear her getting some love from you!

Poster Girl said...

"Hot And Cold" has always been an undeniable song, even pre-me being semi-won over by One Of The Boys, and I like that this album seems to take it is a starting place. There are still some songs I could happily ignore, but others that will get play year round.