Saturday, July 17, 2010

A sucker for the crazy life

It's not the most traditionally melodic thing in the world...

...but how fantastic would the new leaked Kat DeLuna song, "Everybody Dance," sound in the middle of a dancefloor mix?

I understand that "Push Push," Kat's last single, was probably slightly more likely to be a hit on American radios than the full-on slicing Eurodisco of "Everybody Dance," but as for which is actually a better song, there's no contest.

I'm not sure how, but in a time when RedOne is so in demand that his name on a song is no longer a guarantee of quality and he can pretty much charge whatever he likes, Kat has apparently managed get something out of him that is not just worthwhile but exciting.

There's nowhere to buy "Everybody Dance" yet, but you can buy Kat DeLuna's debut album, 9 Lives, here (physical) or here (digital).


Boycott Elephant Man said...

Shame on you, PPG. Boycott this broad immediately for continue to collaborate with Elephant Man, a huge Jamaican homophobe "artist" (he wants to kill all gays).

So how fantastic would be? It wouldn't.

Poster Girl said...

Your point is one I can't argue with. His positions go far beyond the pale of what anyone should even slightly tolerate and, if this post in any way should seem to endorse him or should even slightly lead to his financial or promotional gain, it would be wrong.

It is tough to know where to draw the line--obviously a song actually featuring him on it (as this one does) should be included, and for that reason perhaps should not have been featured here. If we boycott Kat, though, does that mean we also throw out anything RedOne (the producer of this song) has created? He would be equally to blame in providing support for him, if this song counts as support. What about any song Kat features on?

Obviously that does not relate to your point, which was a valid one directed at this song. It's just something I'd be interested in discussing--at what degree of separation music listeners (or just consumers of art in general) are able to disengage from something made by someone whose actions and/or beliefs are reprehensible. First degree (as this song is) is probably too much to ask, and it's something I should have more fully considered before writing about it.

Boycott Elephant Man said...

Oh, it's OK. I figured you didn't know.

You raise a good point about RedOne, and I really don't know the answer. That being said, I have never liked a single RedOne production, so... ;)

Bob Sinclar is another one though. I have always liked him, but in his last single, he collaborated with Shabba Ranks, someone just as bad -maybe even worse- as Elephant Man. Bob Sinclar, as a dance music producer, should've known better.

Poster Girl said...

Ha--not one? That's almost impressive...

It's true--you'd think producers and artists with a fan base that includes so many gay people would have extra incentive to think twice, for both moral and financial reasons.