Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now no one can save my heart

Swedish retailer Ginza gives this picture as the cover for Darin's new album Lovekiller, out August 18. The tracklisting is below. I've linked to the studio versions or live performances where we have them, or, failing that, noted anything we know about the songs. If you know anything I've left out, though, please tell me!

1.) Microphone (written by Tony Nilsson/Darin Zanyar)
2.) You're Out Of My Life
3.) Lovekiller
4.) Can't Stop Love
5.) Drowning (hear Darin working on the studio version here)
6.) Viva La Vida
7.) Endless Summer (by George Samuelson/Tomas Granlind/Darin Zanyar; George also wrote Darin's uptempo second album single "Want Ya," but I've read nothing to indicate what "Endless Summer" sounds like)
8.) Be Careful With My Heart
9.) Only You Can Save Me
10.) Turn It Up
11.) I'll Be Alright (Darin wrote or co-wrote it and was in the studio while strings were recorded for it recently)

We know most of the songs are by Tony Nilsson, and that Henrik Jansson (who co-wrote "You're Out Of My Life") is also involved. A press release mentioned that Arnthor Birgisson contributed to the album, though his work might or might not be amongst what we've already heard.

Remember, you can preorder the album here, regardless of where you live.


Anonymous said...

Great post.

"Only you can save me" sounds absolutely fabulous live, I can't wait for the studio version!

I hope for at least one JÖRGEN song, but won't happen :/


Damian said...

Due to what we've heard so far it's gonna be totally brilliant stuff and my favorite Darin's album so far, no one of 6 tracks can be called random or week. With every single Darin is better and better, I guess exploring ballad-thing Tony will finally make his fantastic break-through next year with some fantastic ballad!

Aaron said...

Erm....There's a little bit of promise for some big dance tracks on some of those names :) - Anyway, like the cover!

Poster Girl said...

It sounds like a classic ballad, doesn't it? Just a beautiful melody.

I hope the full thing lives up to expectations!

Aaron, playing the baseless guessing game (which is always fun!), "Microphone" and "Turn It Up" sound like they could be uptempos.