Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In her own world

British band McFly's new single, "Party Girl," comes out September 6, but we should be hearing it on British radio soon. Produced by Dallas Austin, it's been described by one set of people as having more of an electro feel than their earlier work and as being comparable to Enrique Iglesias's "I Like It" or as "Taio, Tinchy, Enrique and 3OH!3 all rolled into one." There will be more news forthcoming as journalists attend listening parties for three of the group's new songs, but we do know (from earlier news) that the group worked with Taio Cruz in addition to Dallas for their album, which is out in October or so.

Fans were divided over some demos that leaked a while back, some thinking they were too much of a departure from McFly's usual sound, but I really liked some of them, including the ones that sounded like they were actually from this fifth album's recording sessions. Sure, there are some electro effects, but they didn't really feel like that much of a departure and, more importantly, they were good.

There's also been "news"--blah blah blah logos blah blah blah famous movie poster designer etc.--about a fan community the group is setting up (the reason for the photo at left), but none of it is really all that exciting yet. Just give us some of the song to listen to, eh, boys?


Paul said...

oh so very ready for new McFly music. Can't wait to hear. It's been way too long and too much teasing (ditto Shayne Ward). I still adore these not so little anymore scamps!

Pierre said...

Do you know where I can listen to those leaked demos?
That snippet of Party Girl on Radio 1 today made me curious.


Poster Girl said...

I'm ready, too, Paul.

Pierre, they seem to have pulled them off of all streaming sites on the Internet. Usually I wouldn't say this, but...if you search through here for songs like "Here Comes The Storm" and "Foolish," you'll probably find them all grouped together and streamable. Some of the leaked songs were obviously the group just playing around, though, and some were older, so not all are really proper outtakes or demos from these recording sessions.

Pierre said...

Thanks for the link. Incidentally, that site also allows you to hear to the new single in full.