Sunday, July 11, 2010

I can't believe it's only Monday, the worst day of the week

One of two likely Xenomania products from a leak of tracks recorded for British X Factor winner Shayne Ward's upcoming third album, "Knocked Down" is one of those songs that makes everything seem to move in slow motion--slower than the beat would make you think, though the gentleness of the instrumental makes the pace seem less than it is. Musically, it's a bit like a more subdued "I Wish" by Mini Viva.

Knocked Down by poppostergirl

The lyrics in the middle of the song at first seem to go a little off course--"Come on, take off something/Girl, don't be shy" is more direct and less kitchen-sink a come-on than Miranda Cooper usually uses--but there's reason to forgive that when, right when you think the song has established the track it will be treading, Xenomania manage to pull off one of their trademark surprises. It's not a section that sounds like it's torn out of a whole different song (a la "Biology") or the last minute reveal of the chorus that's been held off the entire song (a la "It's Magic")--in fact, it's a line we've heard several times throughout the song up to this point. Somehow, though, just as the song is fading out, Xenomania manage to make it pop out at you:

"Because you fit under my arm just right"

I'm sure dozens of songwriters have used a similar phrase before, but what matters is that right there, in that moment, as the song slips away and the keyboards gently swoon and dance their way into silence, it catches you and feels like a moving, authentic expression of something you'd have trouble articulating so succinctly.

What that little fragment captures is also the feel of the whole song, even if it's not necessarily the story the lyrics tell: having a dreamy, loved-up feeling sneak up on you from nowhere. You're not feeling particularly sentimental--caught up in the chase and lusty, if anything--and then there it is: the idea that that little physical indicator, the way your arm fits around someone or vice-versa, might be an indicator of a connection that is, suprisingly, more than just physical. And as you drift off to sleep, mind too fuzzy to really think deeply about any of this, it dawns on you, You know, maybe that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...

There's nowhere yet to buy "Knocked Down," but you can buy Shayne Ward's most recent album, Breathless, here (physical) or here (digital).


John said...

It's a great album cut, one that keeps you listening past the big radio singles. And I love that line. Instantly I can relate. Thanks for sharing!

Damian said...

I would never understood that it's Shayne but the song is definitely loveable piece of pop. By rumours Xenomania can write Eurovision UK entry next year, that would be really interesting!

Poster Girl said...

That's just what it is--no way this should be sent to radio, but the sort of song buried in the back third of the album that you treasure.

I'll believe it when I see it, but I'd welcome it!

Paul said...

Oh why oh why must Shayne torment us so (the teasing classic pants in hand shot, the waiting for a third album that should have been out around Christmas 2008)... I like this, but I need an amazing comeback single from Shayne very soon. Not tweets about how he is in the studio and having a very good day in meetings. ENOUGH ALREADY (shouting at Shayne, not at you :P)

Poster Girl said...

I'm sure he'd like to have music out--it seems like his record label have been struggling to find anything they believe in as a lead single. Hopefully they've got something we haven't heard yet because, though I enjoy some of the leaked songs, none is a comback song on the level he needs. Also, I undersign you message to Shayne ;)