Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stuck inside my head

I think it's probably been established by now that up-and-coming British singer Fabio Lendrum is an exciting pop prospect--he's been praised by other people as well as here--but his music is too good for me to sit around playing while twiddling my thumbs and waiting for more official news (which one hopes is coming sooner than later, but I think Warner is building him up for something big). Coming off a bit like a mix of Calvin Harris, Frankmusik, and this-era-Example, Fabio combines pop songs with big electronic production; I realize that's not a wholly original concept, but he somehow manages to come across as one of the freshest additions to the UK music scene in a while. I can never quite permanently decide which is my favorite song out of what we've heard so far--"Can't Help Myself" is awesome, "What She's Got" is excellent, "Don't Wait For Me" is amazing, "Little Game" is crazy catchy, "Everybody Glows" demands to be raved to--but "Trouble" certainly takes the title often enough to make it worth discussing.

01 Trouble by poppostergirl

(Speaking of worth discussing, Fabio's hair certainly is, y/y? Heaven help me, I'm going to end up with a serial killer with fantastic hair one of these days.)

Energetic and pulsing, "Trouble" is instantly appealing, from its lyrics about addiction to a bad relationship to its melodies to its production (the quick, subtle fade in and fade out after the first chorus that teases the middle eight is a favorite moment). It has the life, wit, and verve of some other acts scattered throughout the Internet music scene, hovering on the edge of popularity, but everything has been polished to commercial, radio-ready perfection without losing any of its charm or excitement. It's basically everything a want from a male popstar--heck, any popstar--and makes me hope that, whenever Fabio finally gets launched, he finds success. Preferably of the massive kind, but I'll take what I can get. Ideally, he'll also manage to refine his ballads to a similar level of quality, but as long as his making songs as good as "Trouble," I can overlook that.

There's nowhere to buy Fabio Lendrum's songs yet, but you can pick up some remixes here.


Damian said...

That's what I call really tasty pop-stuff, it's really like Frankmusik but much poppier and I really like his voice.

Paul said...

yay for popstar hair :) I like the songs too - i hope his build up doesn't lead to something of a damp squib... not because of him, but Dangerous Muse were once building up to something, and that turned out to be releasing a single almost every 18 months :/ and also Isabel Guzman was building up to something massive and then just scrapped her album altogether :( Boo, i say, boo.

But we'll always have his hair...

Poster Girl said...

That's good news, Damian! I'm glad to hear you like it, too :) Hopefully he'll keep making good music.

Dangerous Muse--that album is like an ongoing joke now, isn't it? That said, I'd probably still listen to it if it came out (although I might need my grandkids to buy it for me and to put my hearing aids in at that point). Isabel not releasing her album is really too bad; "Lovesong" is a PERFECT pop song. Always makes me think of "Nothing Good About This Goodbye," and that can't be anything but a good thing.