Friday, June 18, 2010

Now I'm carried away 'cause I've opened my arms

As far as I know, "Lovekiller" is still slated to be Darin's new proper single, but in the meantime, while we wait for that release, we have Darin's new song/semi-single written for the Swedish royal wedding (though if it showed signs of taking off, I'm sure his record label would jump behind it). Like most of what we've heard from Darin this era, it's co-written by Tony Nilsson, this time in tandem with Darin.

01 Can't Stop Love by poppostergirl

As much as I would have loved the idea of writing some awesome club-friendly song for a newly married high status couple, let's be real: this was always going to be a ballad. It was created after SVT specifically asked Darin to come up with something for the wedding. We're still in a holding pattern, basically. No music revolutions here, just Darin singing over a burbling electronic background, slow but with a heavy enough percussion beat to create that mid-tempo feeling, like "You're Out Of My Life." No lyrical genius reinventing how we think about love.

All that said, we still have Darin, lovely Darin with his pop-friendly voice, singing a solid song. I might have preferred a stronger topline, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't probably going to overplay this song. I realize if someone else released "Can't Stop Love" I might brush it off, or at the least not pay it so much attention, but Darin sells these songs so well. We all have our musical weaknesses, right? I'll probably always love strings in dance music, purposeful catchy stuttering, synthy uptempo songs, "Knock On Wood"-style drum rolls--and Darin's singing. Preferably in something that incorporated all of the aforementioned elements (you'll find only the latter here), but until that day comes...well, until then, just one of them will do.

"Can't Stop Love" is available on Swedish iTunes here.


Aaron said...

Firstly - HAHAHAHAHA!!!! If somebody writes a song for my relationship - It MUST be a dance-floor anthem...

Anyways, It sounds like an interesting one...I'm kind of looking forward to the album, but yes - I hope there's some dancey stuff on there!

Paul said...

It's weird isn't it - not the song, i mean how people (including me) are more forgiving of some songs because of who sings them. Or put another way, play certain songs more than they normally would because of who sings them... I adore little DArin and this is quite the sort of romantic thing i love. God i'd be all over that royal wedding if it were in the UK :) But i'm ready for a Step Up, Insanity or B What U Wanna B now please!!

Damian said...

Finally we've gos some really-really good song for royal wedding and not like "ok, this artist can do much better but this is just a wedding song" but really enjoyable pop-stuff. I was afraid that this song will sound too much in a key and arrangement of "You're Out Of My Life"-"Give It All Up" but thanx God it doesn't, I wouldn't even guess it's Tony Nilsson's stuff and it's definitely good for Tony to show his a little bit new side.

Poster Girl said...

Aaron, for me, too! I'll promise to make sure that's what they do for you if you'll do the same for me ;)

Paul, totally. Either an artist has earned your affection through their past work or they just bring a certain charisma or singing quality to what they do or something else entirely, and you end up liking something more than you otherwise might. I am tentatively more optimistic one day on that this really is a good song and not just me high on late night Darin excitement ;)

Damian, yes, it's good to have songs we can enjoy even outside of the wedding context, once it's over. Not that we'd heard it when you wrote that, but I liked the Björn Skifs/Agnes song quite a good bit, too (almost got teary-eyed! Maybe I won't enjoy it as much as an independent studio song, though). Thanks for the tip about Salem's song being available for free, by the way--I picked it up earlier today.

fashionandstyle said...

i think that "can't stop love" is good job. that song is beautiful, shine and honest and i like it.

great job Darin!!

Poster Girl said...

It is a beautiful song, I agree. They did a great job with it.