Friday, November 13, 2009

Maybe I just don't know how to love you

My Erasure knowledge is, as Paul and I have discussed a bit, not what it should be. It includes a LOT of love for one song ("A Little Respect") and a lot of enjoyment of the two albums I own, I Say I Say I Say and Light At The End Of The World. I know I'd enjoy more if I bought it, but somehow, it just hasn't happened yet.

Somehow, though, in the midst of these giant gaps of Erasure knowledge, I found room to love "Crazy," the lead single from Andy Bell's 2005 solo album--love it enough that I can't help feeling I should have found out long before now that Andy is working on a new solo album, produced by none other than Pascal Gabriel.

Let me just repeat that: Andy Bell and Pascal Gabriel. If Andy isn't going to work with Vince Clarke, I can't imagine a better combination.

The first available result from that collaboration is the album's lead single, "Running Out," co-written by Andy and Pascal. It's released under the name MiMó, as the album, due out in 2010, will be, and apparently a second single, "Will You Be There?", has just recently gone out to radios.

If "Running Out" is any indication, we're in for pretty much what I'd hope an Andy Bell album in 2010 would sound like: electronic pop that's got a hint of Sam Sparro (well, the best of Sam Sparro, so basically "Black & Gold") about it but still has time for some big swoony Andy vocals (the "and I think that I'm running out" is instantly recognizable as him, enough so that I at first thought the song just sampled Erasure when I didn't know who MiMó was).

The "Running Out" single package also comes complete with remixes from Fenech-Soler and VEGA that you electronic music fans may love, but I think I'll be sticking with the original version. I'm not sure if I love it quite as much as "Crazy," but I have high hopes for "Will You Be There?".

You can buy MiMó's single "Running Out" from iTunes if you live outside the U.S., but you can buy it from here (digital) regardless of where you live.

(I am admittedly very far out of the Erasure/Andy Bell loop, so if any of this is wrong, please correct me!)


Paul said...


falls to the floor with amazement.

(please help me up, i think i've gone done my hip in!)

Poster Girl said...

I think the best I could do would be Tweet Darren to help you up ;)

Mike said...

Oh wow! Have I ever mentioned my Pascal Gabriel obsession to you? His work with Kylie was stunning and he's yet to write a bad song imo. Thanks for the news!

Poster Girl said...

Mike, I don't know that you have! I'd love for Kylie to go back to him for at least a few songs on her next album.