Saturday, November 14, 2009

I just can't kick the habit

I can't believe we're going to have to wait until January 11 until we can all officially and legally get our hands on the proper quality version of British rapper Example's next single, "Won't Go Quietly." After reinventing himself with "Watch The Sun Come Up," a both joyful and sad beautiful poppy ode to a summer fling which Example finds himself wanting to turn into something more but is unable to do so (and which was accompanied by a dreamy Fred Falke remix), Example continues in that style with "Won't Go Quietly," which features some guest vocals from Rogues' Sam James. Admittedly, Example has picked up the pace and swapped out some of the piano elements for a more rave-influenced sound, but that same magical quality still surrounds the song.

This may be overstating things, but these past two singles have been the sound of someone deciding they want to destroy all previous expectations about what he'd achieve, going for broke on the "I want to make popstar music" front, and finding success--at least in terms of quality--in spades. It will be tough for anything on Example's forthcoming album, also titled Won't Go Quietly, to rival "Won't Go Quietly" and "Watch The Sun Come Up," but who would have guessed a dark house like him would come from behind to be a real contender in the (recently fashionable) electronic pop race?

(Producers the Fearless, responsible for both these songs, are also looking like people to watch out for in the coming year.)


John said...

It's great stuff. Any word of a release outside of the UK?

Paul said...

it's not normally my cup of tea but i'm becoming increasingly obsessed with this song the more I hear it! January seems so far away!

Barnsey said...

Another amazing track from Example, much as I dislike the term 'reinvention' is the only word I can think of to describe his recent output, fingers crossed it gets the sort of mainstream success it clearly deserves.

Also on an Example theme, the Blame remix of Watch The Sun Come Up is definitely worth a listen, turns the song into a smooth drum & bass tune and was totally the soundtrack to my holiday in the Summer. Good times!


Poster Girl said...

John, not that I know of, but it'd be nice, wouldn't it? Maybe I'll have to ask him on Twitter, but I'd be surprised if there's anything on a large scale planned.

It does! I don't know how I'm going to wait that long.

That's the impression I'm under, too, Barnsey, in terms of word choice and sound change. I haven't heard that remix, but I'll definitely have to go look it up--it's a song that seems like it would be perfect for remixes.