Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't hear the sound

With a hat tip to Schlagerprofilerna, one of the twenty-seven Melodifestival entries revealed yesterday has been disqualified.

Sadly, it's not that much of a surprise: "Never Heard Of Him" (edit: which has been confirmed as the song Anorah was going to sing--poor her) had been available on songwriter Figge Boström's MySpace. This marks at least the second time Figge has had some disqualification trouble: he wrote the original Hungarian entry for this year's Eurovision, which was eventually revealed to have been released years earlier in Sweden by Operation Robinson contestants.

A replacement has not yet been announced, but remember: a song not making the final Melodifestival cut to begin with doesn't necessarily mean it's of poor quality--see "Cara Mia" from 2007 for an example. Presumably the replacement will come from one of the songs that just missed out, a list that can be viewed on SVT's official Melodifestival website here.

In other Melodifestival news, the web joker entries are available online. I haven't had a chance to listen to many yet, but if you want to wade through them, they're here.


eurovisionessex said...

I'd recommend number 113, 'När vi har landat' -,k117552,29,f,-1. There are moments when it gets a bit close to the legendary 'Dansa I Neon' but, although the song structure is typical modern schlager, it just about manages to get away with it.

eurovisionessex said...

Oh, and the opening bars are not unlike Velvet's 'Come Into The Night'!

Poster Girl said...

EE, I'm sorry--I meant to comment earlier! I did really like that entry.