Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And Matt Damon's not meant for me

To semi-counteract the abundance of words in my Melodifestival post below, here are a few quick notes on some songs I'm loving at the moment. There are bunches more, but I better break them up into a few posts.

As Chart Rigger has already covered, the new Leighton Meester single, "Somebody To Love," is really pretty good. It's electro-pop, but of a more restrained, loungey sort (which isn't actually lounge courtesy of its beat). Leighton's voice is kind of emotionless, but it's perfect for the song. Speaking of voices, this is the first time I've ever found Robin Thicke's voice sexy (my usual attitude towards him is loving "When I Get You Alone" and wishing I liked him more to spite Justin Timberlake), but boy, it's enough to make up for lost time. Worth more writing later.

My three favorite songs from the Saturdays' new album, Wordshaker, are, in order, "Open Up," "Ego," and "Wordshaker." I see what they meant about going in a more rocky direction, but really, don't be scared: they didn't. A few more guitar-mimicking sounds here and there, but it's just as pop as their debut. "Open Up" may be too cheesy for some, but for me, it's pure Swedish pop perfection, with fantastic verses, bridge, and second half of the chorus.

"Ego," just designated the second single, is a perfect choice, modern electronic pop just like we want from the British girl group.

"Wordshaker," like "Ego," is a fierce critique of a boy doesn't even sport many of those guitar-esque elements.

As I mentioned on Twitter (follow me!), Shakira's "Men In This Town" sports bonkers lyrics and a dancey pop beat.

As a catch-up note, I haven't mentioned British group's Ou Est Le Swimming Pool's dark-but-accessible electronic pop song "Dance The Way I Feel" yet. It's ADDICTIVE and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all pop lovers, no matter how much cool you like with your music.


Aaron said...

Awesome! Can't wait to give the Saturday's album a listen!

I really like the sound of Leighton in the Cobra Starship track, must give her an album release soon!

Paul said...

Definitely feeling Ego by the Saturdays. I seem to be saying everywhere that I need to listen to the album on holiday!

Definitely feeling Leighton. It's growing on me more and more with each listen!

John said...

I can get behind all of this. Really looking forward to hearing the full Saturdays CD.

Yuяi said...

Great songs here, PPG. I had not heard of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool (the coolest name for a band, btw) - and I had to pick up the track immediately. Great stuff!

Alex said...

Brilliant faves from "Wordshaker" PPG! I was beginning to think I was the only who completely fell for the silly-lovelyness of "Open Up" - definitely my favourite track on the album followed by "Ego" and "Here Standing".

Adem With An E said...

Leighton, Ego, Wordshaker, Men In This Town... *explodes*

Brilliant pop post with four of my absolute FAVOURITE songs at the moment...

(LOL. My word verification was "sodapop" haha!